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12 Gauge Cut Shells vs Pumpkins

YouTuber Nick Eskridge combined my love of shotguns, pumpkins, and Korg Gadget in this demonstration of Cut Shells. By slicing into the cartridge of a typical, non-slug, shotgun shell the "shot" will stick together instead of dispersing. At the point of impact it is expected to disintegrate into a bunch of nasty, especially in flesh.

These DIY frangible slugs are thought to be as accurate as real slugs and more damaging, but everything I've ever seen (including, and especially, this video) makes me believe that's total bullshit.

Video Description:

Messing with some post fall porch ornaments, slow motion footage, and cut shells... when they worked.

GoPro hero 7black
Edited in iMovie for iPad
Music composed in KORG Gadget 2 for iPad

Reader Comments 3

@Tim - The Navy now uses frangible ammo for weapons training since it doesn’t ricochet.

It’s becoming the “preferred” ammo for close quarters combat training since the “old stuff” has resulted in serious injuries when practicing in tight spaces. Contrary to what some may think, it’s still very lethal. It only disintegrates into a powder when striking “hard objects” so I could imagine what it would do to soft tissue, especially an eye or something! I’m sure you’ve seen the slugs by now, they even look “real”, and since they’re not made with lead, having an alternate compressed powdered base metal, they are much safer over time if handling a lot of ammo, e.g. a range worker.

Pretty cool stuff all around!

I hope you’re doing well, and enjoyed the holiday!

~ Jay
December 03, 2019  | person SuperFlyEDSguy
“...love of shotguns...” eh...? :-/
December 05, 2019  | person dysamoria

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