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Spectral Sevenths - Automated Messiah Portal

Reader Stacy Puckett reflects on the inevitable joblessness that follows our implacable march toward automation, and considers the effects that this will have on the messianic industry.

Video Description:

More live mixing within AUM showing how I use a handful of simple pattern based sequencers to create a song. I unfortunately never really scrolled right so you can see what all apps are being triggered here but you can still get the idea of how you can arrange your patterns samplers to be like live loops to bring in and out of your mix.

Mozaic, StepBud, chameleon, Toneboosters EQ, Toneboosters Barricade, Toneboosters reverb, Troublemaker, Rozeta suite, Riffer, Autony, bleass sidekick, LaGrange, D1, EG Pulse, shimmer Fx, Zeeon, Eventide blackhole, perforator, bleass delay

Reader Comments 4

Wow, I loved this!
November 29, 2019  | person_outline Bram Bos
Thanks for the added video description Tim, I was driving when I read it and laughed for like 5 minutes I think. I appreciate the feature.

Thanks for listening as well Bram Bos, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Your apps are all pure genius and I’ve been a huge fan since you sent me a free code for hammerhead or Tuareg waaayyyy back when. Much respect and appreciation for the tools you’ve provided musicians for decades now.
November 29, 2019  | person Stacy Puckett
@Stacy Puckett: Glad you liked it! I liked the title, so I spent some time trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.
@Stacy Puckett Hope you don’t compose while driving! ;-)

Feels to me like this video could be an introduction to what makes this kind of setup so different from typical DAWs and jams. It’s been hard to tell people what makes it so cool to do some musicking in AUv3 hosts like AUM, AB3, and apeMatrix. Works way better when you demo it. This is a more extensive demo which could get people to understand what changes happen when you free yourself from the DAW in a way that is also different from jamming on an instrument or twiddling knobs on an expensive Eurorack.
November 30, 2019  | favorite_border Enkerli

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