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KORG ELECTRIBE Wave Updated with AUv3!

KORG INC. just dropped a bombshell with KORG ELECTRIBE Wave updated to support AUv3!

Hopefully this indicates a willingness to support the format in their other apps soon!

What's new in KORG ELECTRIBE Wave v3.0:

- Supports AUv3. Now you can load the wavetable synth in your favorite host, like Apple’s Garageband.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room tested out the update in several AUv3 hosts.

Reader Comments 3

I was thoroughly confused at first when I saw the au3 plugin listed inside AUM. I opened the au3 plugin and didn’t see the sequencer,. 😮 Fortunately, the synth is exactly what I wanted, so... awesome!!! 😎
November 28, 2019  | favorite_border Tony
Noticed the news on the AUv3 Facebook group before got a chance to try it. Still reacted pretty much like @Tony: the synth is the part I wanted. Sure, it’s a fairly simple and not that unique WT synth, all things considered. It’s still useful to have as AUv3. And it’s pretty soft on the CPU, which signals good coding. As Tom Wies mentioned in that same thread, Korg’s plugins are also pretty CPU-efficient on the desktop. All this points to pretty good JUCE juice flowing in Inagi.

Korg’s in a very unique position with its Gadget series. The (pseudo-)DAW works as seamlessly between macOS and iPadOS as GarageBand, if not more. The macOS plugins work really well in other DAWs. It’s quite an extensive collection of softsynths, comparable to Reason, MainStage/Logic Pro X, V Collection, Komplete, etc. On iOS and iPadOS, Korg has achieved very high “mindshare”, so much so that there are frequent questions about those gadgets in discussions of AUv3 plugins. Even at the Black Friday discounts (which also come at other times during the year), their collection is quite expensive by iPadOS standards. And the (pseudo-)DAW itself has achieved something quite unique yet very hard to pinpoint: the right workflow to make sense on a mobile device.
So, were they to add AUv3 support to all their products, they could pretty much change the whole iPad musicking scene overnight. Even if they don’t keep all the features in the AUv3.
This part reminds me of Bram Bos’s move with Troublemaker. The standalone has this really cool sequencer, which doesn’t exist in the AUv3. After a while, Bram came out with the Rozeta series, including the Bassline sequencer which is more similar to Ripplemaker than to Troublemaker. It doesn’t make that much sense to have a sequencer as part of a synth plugin given that plugins are traditionally used in DAWs which have their own sequencers. The world of AUv3 hosts (AUM, AB3, apeMatrix…) is a bit different, there. And it’s very convenient to have sequencers as AU MIDI plugins, separate from the audio plugin itself.
So… Some people are disappointed by the lack of a sequencer (and drums) in the Electribe Wave AUv3. Thing is, the Warszawa gadget has neither.

Here’s hoping Korg makes this into a much larger trend. Or release everything else as AUv3. By NAMM?
November 28, 2019  | favorite_border Enkerli
Really hopeful now the Korg synths get AUV3 ..
November 29, 2019  | person_outline Chris Strobel

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