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Fractal Bits by Alexander Zolotov

Alexander Zolotov, the mad scientist that has brought us so many wonderfully inventive apps like SunVox and Virtual ANS, has released Fractal Bits! This drum synth can generate over 4,000,000,000 unique sounds using fractal algorithms. It is available for both iOS and Android, while the iOS version includes AUv3 and Audiobus.

Fractal Bits App Store Description:

Fractal Bits is a drum synth with over four billion unique sounds created by fractal algorithms.
Each set of 12 drums corresponds to a code of 8 characters (you can save/copy/paste it as plain text).

* Audio Unit Extension (AUv3), Audiobus;
* search for new sounds with three buttons: next random set, edit code, previous set;
* three types of keyboards for live drumming: on-screen buttons, PC keyboard, MIDI input;
* six additional processing parameters + control of all parameters via MIDI;
* real-time audio recording to WAV (32-bit);
* export to: WAV (one file or a set), SunVox (samples + effects in one file), text clipboard;
* the LCK button freezes individual drums - they will not change during the search for new sets;
* Wi-Fi export/import.

As you can probably imagine some of the results are cacophonous, but others are really good! They sound even better with the built-in effects. Here's the official demo from Alexander Zolotov's YouTube channel.

Reader Comments 3

I really like short complex percussive sounds, and odd is fine. As a side example, someone once released a bunch of samples of old mechanical camera sounds-- a folder full o' clicks, if you will.

This is too digital/bit-crushy for my tastes. But I like the concept.
October 14, 2019  | favorite_border stub
This app is fire 🔥! Loving it thx 🙏
October 15, 2019  | person TacticalCactus
Alexander Zolotov is quite the creative programmer.
October 16, 2019  | person dysamoria

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