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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Korg Gadget 2 Update Demo

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy explores the latest update to Gadget and the 3 new gadgets that came with it. This is a refreshingly critical look at the new offerings, rather than gushing praise for KORG.

Video Description:

Korg has updated Gadget 2 again (update 4.5.0). It brings 3 new gadgets that I bought and tested for you. In this video I go through each one and explain the synth engine + demo some sounds.

Sadly 2 of them did not impress me. Or at least they do not bring enough value for their cost.
Otorii : 3:11
Ebina : 9:54
Warzsawa : 15:10

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Reader Comments 4

A couple more sample players and another iap cash grab with no auv3 support. Still pissed about the insanely priced module "pro" features. Korg needs to bring a crowd pleaser soon...
August 12, 2019  | person Okeribok
Why do people think Korg would want to add AU3 hosting to Gadget?

Korg is in the business of selling you new Gadgets, not helping you to buy other developer's apps to add into Gadget. And that is fair enough - that's the business they are in.

I thought the previous update was a crowd pleaser: adding iMS-20 and iPolysix to Gadget plus the free Taipei, free Durban and free Rosario. And the nice auto drummer feature on all the drum Gadgets.

I am with the Synth Guy on these 2 Gadgets. They don't appeal to me. But there are fans of this kind of sound, so they will be happy. Synth Guy should get a refund though. $28 for sounds you don't like and won't use is not cool.
August 12, 2019  | person_outline Simon
I think people want to use the korg synth apps in other DAWs, so electribe wave, imonopoly, wavestation, etc to use in apps like cubasis. Yes, maybe the gadgets too, but one would expect synth apps to be pluggable at this price.

Yes, Taipei is nice, but users have been asking for it for over 5 years and simultaneous audio recording is not supported, so it's usefulness is limited. The other new gadgets are pretty stale.
August 15, 2019  | person Okeribok
Korg has it right when they be making gadgets that could actually be real life instruments, or ports of existing instruments that are actually really useful. I understand they have a japanese market they are aiming at which has nothing to do with the west and these products wont make sense to us as much but i hope they dont forget to include the epic stuf we want! Kaosilator! Kaospad3! Electribes? Why the fuck not add all the electribes into this? Whatabout some of the old korg instruments that are hardly known? Its a missed chance to showcase korgs history,instead it looks like they are aiming at gamers? Way to choose quantity over quality, aiming at them millions.
August 15, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3

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