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G-Stomper Producer by Planet-H

Planet-H released G-Stomper Producer, a massive DAW for Android! This packs a lot of instruments into one app, including instruments from their other apps like the VA-Beast Synthesizer.

Contest: I have 10 copies to give away! I rarely have Android codes to give out, so I want to make sure this is going to go to people who can use it. Please double-check that you have an Android device that can run the demo version. If you're good then comment here for a chance to win!

Contest closed! Congratulations to STATICASYLUM, Rodrigo Fróes, Sadire, DiegoC, jthevaal, Philandering Bastard, senhorlampada, disappearer, bcomnes, and EduLouvize!

G-Stomper Producer App Store Description:

G-Stomper Producer is a fast and flexible Music Sequencer and Digital Audio Workstation, designed for use in live performance as well as for production. It comes with a powerful Drum Sampler, a polyphonic and multi-timbral Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (VA-Beast), Sounds, Effects, Sequencers, Pads and Keyboards, a graphical Multi-Track Song Arranger, and many other creative features that help you to create your own music.

Jam live, improvise and let the music happen spontaneously, play patterns of different lengths/quantizations, simultaneously and in any combination, without having to stop the sequencer at any time, and finally write your creation down as a Song.

Instruments and Pattern Sequencer

• Sampler/Drum Machine : Sample based Drum Machine, max 24 Tracks
• Sampler Note Grid : Monophonic Melodic Step Sequencer, max 24 Tracks
• Sampler Drum Pads : 24 Drum Pads for live playing
• VA-Beast Synthesizer : Polyphonic Virtual Analog Performance Synthesizer (Advanced FM support, Waveform and Multi-Sample based Synthesis)
• VA-Beast Poly Grid : Polyphonic Step Sequencer, max 12 Tracks
• Piano Keyboard : On various Screens (8 Octaves switchable)
• Timing & Measure : Individual Swing Quantization, Time Signature, and Measure per Track


• Line Mixer : Mixer with up to 36 Channels, Parametric 3-band Equalizer + 2 Insert Effect Units per Channel
• Effect Rack : 3 chainable Effect Units
• Master Section : Master Out, Parametric 3-band Equalizer, 2 Insert Effect Units
• Tempo Track : Dedicated Sequencer Track for Tempo Automation


• Pattern Arranger : Live Pattern Arranger with 64 concurrent Patterns per Track
• Scene Arranger : Up to 64 Scenes for creative Live Arrangements
• Song Arranger : Graphical Multi-Track Song Arranger with up to 39 Tracks

Audio Editor

• Audio Editor : Graphical Sample Editor/Recorder

Feature Highlights

• Ableton Link: Play in sync with any Link-enabled app and/or Ableton Live
• Full round-trip MIDI integration (IN/OUT), Android 5+: USB (host), Android 6+: USB (host+peripheral) + Bluetooth (host)
• High Quality Audio Engine (32bit float DSP algorithms)
• 47 Effect Types: 4 Compressor/Limiter types, 4 (8-Band) Vocoders, 8 Resonant Filters, Gate, Transient Shaper, Chorus/Flanger, 2 Phasers, Tremolo, Auto Panner, 5 Delays, 2 Reverbs, 2 Pitch Shifters, Granulator, Stereo Enhancer, Stereo Tool, Exciter, Bottom Booster, Bit Crusher, Waveshaper, Distortion, 2 Overdrives, Saturation, Bender Distortion, 2 Equalizers, Pan/Vol
+ Side Chain Support, Tempo sync, LFO's, Envelope Followers
• Per Track/Voice Multi-Filters
• Real-Time Sample Modulation
• User Sample Support: Uncompressed WAV or AIFF up to 64bit
• Tablet optimized
• Full Motion Sequencing/Automation Support
• Import MIDI files/songs

Full Version only

• Support for additional Content-Packs
• WAV File Export, 8..32bit up to 96kHz: Sum or Track by Track Export for later use in the Digital Audio Workstation of your choice
• Real-Time Audio Recording of your Live Sessions, 8..32bit up to 96kHz
• Export Scenes as MIDI for later use in your favorite DAW or MIDI Sequencer
• Share your exported Music


FAQ: https://www.planet-h.com/faq
Support Forum: https://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/
User Manual: https://www.planet-h.com/documentation/

Minimum recommended device specs

1.2 GHz quad-core cpu
1280 * 720 screen resolution
Headphones or speakers

Check out the free demo before buying the full version

Contest Entries 14

Hey, Tim!
Good to know you have these codes for Android too!
I played with the G-Stomper Producer beta and then the Demo.
Totally worth it. Would love to win this one lol
(Coincidentally this morning I bought two packs for G-Stomper Studio which works with producer too)
August 09, 2019  | stars senhorlampada
Looks great! Hope Android Music apps finally rise!!
August 09, 2019  | stars EduLouvize
Really interesting, gonna try the demo version.
August 09, 2019  | stars Rodrigo Fróes
This could be fun to play around with.
August 09, 2019  | stars disappearer
redmi note 2
August 09, 2019  | person Min
i would love to have this app! Looks like theyve put a lot of work into it!
August 09, 2019  | stars STATICASYLUM
Android apps this nice are rate, this is a very good one!!
August 09, 2019  | stars bcomnes
Mum says my Chinaphone can run it :-)
August 09, 2019  | stars DiegoC
Meant to say rare ,
August 09, 2019  | person bcomnes
Always good to an android music app
August 09, 2019  | stars Sadire
I already have this for my Android phone and it is great! There's also G-Stomp Studio which has a slightly different feature set and workflow-- I kept both on my phone because Studio does some things more easily.

I had a great email exchange with the developer who was enthusiastic about adding other tuplet options to the track settings page. Each track can have it's own settings-- (except tempo, if I'm not mistaken). He said he may at tuplets of 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-- but not any time soon. (And perhaps not at all).

The synth is quite good for Android. It let's you load SF2 keymaps as well.

The workflow can be a little tedious, but at least you don't get stuck as often for not being able to do something. The app's latency is surprisingly painless. Well worth the asking price.
August 09, 2019  | favorite_border stub
Really like GStomper Studio, same with the beta of Producer. Would love to get my hands on a copy.
Purchased its sister app G-stomper studio year or so ago. I see GS-Producer added a lot more features than GSS and I like that.

I like that now it's possible to set bars per-track, instead of one setting that dictates all bars. If full GSS, is anything to go by, GSP should be fun. I've tried the demo version and
the [Home] UI was intimmidating at first but the tut. on Youtube does the trick, it's very solid. I'm also glad it does not consume a ton of space for all those added features For those who've never tried it, it's worth it. It's not just something "play around" with. It's nice for producing on the go. Well, you could still play around with it, I guess. 😐 But that's not it's limit.
Oh, and the devs are most responsive and care about user input. You won't feel like you're communicating with an automated text.
August 09, 2019  | stars jthevaal
Although I don’t typically write on my ASUS, this would make me want to! Cheers!
August 09, 2019  | person burnalot

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