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Holon.ist Contest!

Holonic sent me 5 copies of Holon.ist to give away!

Holon automatically generates ambient music through environmental factors around you. The Holon.ist app gives you the power to generate your own sounds with their data points. The app includes an embedded PureData engine, and also offers MIDI over Bluetooth from your iDevice.

Contest: Comment below for a chance to win a copy! Winners to be chosen at random on Thursday.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Michael_R_Grant, AwesomeSupaDupa, TacticalCactus, Rrjohnson, and Moops!

Contest Entries 34

sounds like fun. put my name into the contest please.
August 07, 2019  | person Bristol Manor
Count me in. Experimenting on new ways of making music is my thing
August 07, 2019  | person Freddy
Entering. I LOVE generative midi apps, once I understand what they do anyway.
August 07, 2019  | person Stacy Puckett
Duplicate comment? Lies! Anyway, this app looks interesting.
Yes please, this kind of stuff keeps me sane in an open plan office!
Cool, count me in, thanks!
August 07, 2019  | favorite_border RJB
Count me in please
August 07, 2019  | person gtra1n
Please choose me randomly!
He's liked, but he's not well liked.
Gor really interested in it once I read about it. Count me in, please! :)
Looks cool. would love a free copy
August 07, 2019  | person Pablo
Strawberry Haiku

The twelve red berries

Richard Brautigan
May 22, 1976
August 07, 2019  | person Knoepfe
This one looks interesting. I’ll try my luck. I’m beginning to get into these generative apps.
August 07, 2019  | person nreyes
Please count me in too
August 07, 2019  | person Evidaman
Sign me up for it, please!
August 07, 2019  | person Humbuzz
This would be really cool to play with. Count me in!
August 07, 2019  | person Bob
Please count me in, I want to make noise with my body...well...not that kind of noise...
August 07, 2019  | person Cuscolima
The app seams to me going Pro working with Live and Reaktor! that’s my ticket. Please let me in!
August 07, 2019  | person abi
Sign me up too, thanks
August 07, 2019  | stars Moops
I love such algorithms!
August 07, 2019  | person NitelineJazz
I loved the beta!
August 07, 2019  | stars Rrjohnson
Holistic comment
August 07, 2019  | person Charlie
Long time, no comment! Might as well try my luck, count me in please!
August 07, 2019  | person Joe Maron
I'd love to give Holon.ist a try. Thanks!
August 07, 2019  | person BDBaker1958
I'm in :))
August 07, 2019  | person cuezaireekaa
Please sign me up as well. Thanks either way.
I can't wait to dive into the deep blue sea of PureData!
August 07, 2019  | person Jack Frost
This sounds like an interesting music making device. Congrats to Holonic for coming up with an novel way to make music.
P.S. Im sorry to say but Holonic sounds like an invasive minor medical procedure. Just saying.
August 07, 2019  | person Dirtbeard
Looks interesting. I should login more often!
August 08, 2019  | person jasonology
This seems to be very intriguing.
I would like to find out if that is so.
August 08, 2019  | person JeffChasteen
Looks fun. Count me in
August 08, 2019  | person Nikoooo23
Throw me in the contest thx
August 08, 2019  | stars TacticalCactus
Looks great. Count me in
August 08, 2019  | person el aparatos

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