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Don't Eat The Brown Acid or Update iOS

When I first started this site the only time people would call me a journalist was when they were being angry at me. Usually in the context of, "You asshole! How can you report on my shady business and still call yourself a journalist?" Over the years I've grown into the role, and welcome the responsibilities it implies.

Warning off against iOS updates is the only time this duty burdens my shoulders. I feel like a broken record. I also feel it is important to stand up as a voice of caution against the reckless allure of the novel. I get it. I like new shiny things too. But please, do not update your iOS willy-nilly. This warning includes point releases; as fans of Audiobus discovered over the weekend.

iOS 12.4 broke IAA. There was a change that impacts the way an app signifies its availability for Recording into. Fortunately Michael Tyson was able to patch the Audiobus database with a workaround, requiring users to manually "Tap to Launch" the recording app. A complete fix will require every recording app to submit a new update with the relevant changes.

This serves as a good example of why I'm always repeating myself on this issue. No one expects a point release to suddenly break anything. But they can, and they have.

Thanks to reader Simon for being the first to point out this issue to me.

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I have 2 IPads and only update one right away and the other if the update proves to be cool after a week of varied use. Something is wrong with Apple which is very bad considering how much many of us have invested in iOS buying apps and the time learning them. Bloody apple. All that money and they can't be cool. It's only the money for them. They know exactly how to get things done without f-ing us up, but they simply don't care. How could they if they do this kind of sh-t. I coded with a very small team and never had stuff that big happen, ever. Not a huge karma investment for them.
Perrypelican wrote: " How could they if they do this kind of sh-t. I coded with a very small team and never had stuff that big happen, ever. "

Did you work on a project as complex as iOS?

There are so many areas things can go wrong with an operating system.
July 31, 2019  | person_outline Simon
I just love this site and thank you for creating and curating it! It is my first stop every morning with coffee. I guess my IOS stops here. At least for awhile.
August 01, 2019  | person_outline Ralis Kahn
Sounds like timing is the big problem, here. There have been warnings that IAA would be deprecated but that’s way too quick, even by Apple’s standards. Even iOS 13 would have been too early, given issues with current betas of iOS and macOS.

(Also, to be clear, this sounds like a bug introduced by a security patch. Apple will soon break IAA on purpose, but this might still be solved by a 12.4.1 update or some such.)

Wish Apple had provided a better way for devs to transition to AUv3… but I’m kind of glad that IAA is going away. It was such a clunky solution to a tricky problem… The original Audiobus was a great workaround, at the time, but AUv3 is where things should have been from the start.
It’s just sad that devs find it very hard to add AUv3 support for their apps. Even the best devs out there (say, Bram Bos) make it obvious that AUv3 isn’t easy.
I have and with hospital laboratory application that make iOS complexity look like a toy. The size/complexity has nothing to actually do with. The issue is financial greed. Almost all major software developers don’t want to spend the money for a proper Quality Assurance Testing Dept to do a quality job. Why should they. The younger generations are happy to buy crap and then makes excuses for the vary company that’s ripping them off. That all started with Bill Gates after he bought DOS for next to nothing. And the software development/quality lying started. And Windows has been rubbish ever since version 3.1. While it maybe true for the majority of programmers who are not good enough (or care enough) to write bug free software (I’ve worked with more than one programmer who wrote bug free software!) There is no excuse for ‘releasing’ bugging software, period! Which for Apple has become a horror about under Tim Cook. The problem with the younger generations, they don’t know what real quality is as they never have experienced it in their short lives. Coleco’s Adam computer’s O/S was better that anything Microsoft has done to date and was a hugely solid multitasking OS. That’s back in the late 1980s! That’s why they were forced out of business, mainly by Gates, because Coleco had a superior product. American business is no longer about competition, it’s about monopolies and control. That’s what the big companies do these days. Kill the competition. Today we only have Apple and Microsoft, both are junk manufacturers. We need another Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to start up another garage computer company!
September 26, 2019  | person_outline David Covington

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