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JAF Collection by Jens Guell

Jens Guell released JAF Collection, a set of AUv3 recreations of analog filters. JAF, or Just A Filter, arrives with 30+ filters and a Phaser. Unfortunately it also arrives with a UI bug that is being worked on right now. There is also a free JAF Model One app, which lets you explore one of the ten filters in the collection.

Demos are available on the website.

JAF Collection iTunes Description:

The JAF Collection is an exciting set of digital modeled classic analog synthesizer filters (VCFs) for iOS. The emphasis of this collection of audio unit effects is professional analog sounding and optimized behavior with touchscreen usage, features that not many currently available apps and plugins do really offer.

The collection is exclusively available for the mobile iOS (version 11 and higher). The apps and the included audio units are “universal”, so they work on iPhones and iPads the same way and also have basically the same appearance and functionality.

Note: These apps are so-called “audio units” (aka plugins), which usually require hosting audio applications to operate. Although, they come with their own basic host applications, which includes for instance IAA (inter-app-audio) connectivity, like mic input and also have
inbuilt MIDI support, to use the filters out of the box, like external hardware devices, without requiring another host application.

The JAF Collection Filters can also act as a synthesizer module due to the fact, that there is an unison oscillator section (VCOs) built in for testing and for live performances. The analog modeled synthesizer has no advanced control or modulators. It just runs the oscillators continuously and can be controlled by MIDI messages.

A manual is shipped in the IAA enabled distribution app.

Reader Comments 5

Demo sounds nice but I’d like to hear other filters before I spend £
July 22, 2019  | person Re5etuk
The free jaf app is over the top buggy. It is not even ready for beta testing. The links in the help do not work. I hope the guy gets it together. I suggested that he show his apps to people for feedback before releasing.
I tried the free app and the interface is awful - tiny little text and buttons. Design wins over function. The problems with the free app put me off buying the paid one.

Please Mr. Developer, redo the size of the text and buttons so we can use them.
July 23, 2019  | person_outline Simon
The same dev has just released a free AU/IAA called "JAX Stereo Tool".

"JAX Stereo Tool is a visual Audio Unit plugin for manipulating the stereo image of digital audio."

The interface is better on this. I can at least read the text on my iPad. Probably not so good on the phone.

Nice of this dev to give away some free AUs. Thank you Jens!

The weird thing is neither JAF ModelOne or JAX Stereo Tool show up in the AU list when I try to load them in AUM or Cubasis... anyone else have this problem?
July 24, 2019  | person_outline Simon

I was looking for the app under the "J"s in my AU list. However, it is not called “JAF Model One” but “DGST: Filter Model One”.

It starts with D, not J.

I was looking for the app in the list where the “J”s are. My AU list is so long I didn’t see the “DGST” much higher up the list.

I emailed the dev and he was very helpful - he even sent a little video on how to the AU should load. Great support.
July 24, 2019  | person_outline Simon

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