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Visual Reverb AUv3 Plugin by 4Pockets.com

The latest app from 4Pockets is Visual Reverb AUv3, which combines functionality from several different effects into one package. There's a multi-band EQ and spectrograph to fine tune your signal. From there you have reverb specific parameters and filters to play with and create your ideal reverb!

Visual Reverb AUv3 Plugin iTunes Description:

This is an AUv3 compatible effect plugin which is intended for use inside your favourite DAW such as Cubasis, Auria, Meteor, AUM etc. It will not function as a standalone app.

Visual Reverb is a studio quality plate reverb with multi-band EQ and the ability to analyse audio in real time giving an accurate and reliable spectrum representation of your signal flow.

This reverb simulates the sound of those famous plate reverbs of old with high levels of diffusion it has a very smooth and pleasing reverb trail which can be tuned to suite using the EQ provided. It includes your typical set of 4 parametric filters which can be used to directly effect the reverb trail in isolation or if required the entire mix. This can be used in addition to the low and high pass filters which effect the reverb trail only.

We use a high quality highly hardware optimised FFT to plot the frequency response through the reverb so you can see exactly what effect the EQ changes are having on the reverb trail. The scrolling interface automatically adjusts to the hosts window size to allow a double height display in an appropriate DAW.

One of the great features of this reverb is the ability to create ducking reverb trails so that the reverb doesn't swamp your vocals and make an incoherent mess. You also have the ability to sync the pre-delay to the host tempo of your DAW.

We also include a Compressor / Limiter section to ensure those EQ settings never get too aggressive. This is a specialised compressor that allows you to use either the reverb output as a control signal or the input signal. This allows you to emphesise reverb trails and create swells which follow a vocal line.

You can load and save custom presets as well as copy and paste settngs between instances. This is great if you need to setup multiple instances with the same settings.

This is the second of 3 plugins which will make up part of the 'visual' range of effects.

Main Features:

○ High quality plate reverb with pre-delay.
○ Automatically sync the pre-delay to your host tempo.
○ Ducking options for surpressing reverb trails.
○ 4 resonant paramettic EQ (+/-24dB per band).
○ Pre or Post filtering options.
○ High and Low Pass filters.
○ Stereo widening and Diffuse filter.
○ Reverb comb filter modulation for tape type effects.
○ Touch interface with multi-touch for controlling filter Q.
○ Spectrum Analyser with 'Wet Only' and 'Output' monitoring.
○ Vertical shift and scale options for the spectrum.
○ Create and save custom presets.
○ Copy / Paste presets between instances.
○ Compressor / Limiter with Auto Makup Gain and Ducking.
○ Twin VU meters with ability to view as PEAK or RMS.
○ Quick Reset options for each section of the EQ.
○ Complete with pre-defined presets for the compressor and EQ sections.

Paul the MusicMan posted this official demo of the new app in action!

Reader Comments 5

Is it better or “as good as” pro-Q? If not, then...why ? (cheaper is not a valid argument when spending hours trying to have the best out of my ipad)
July 16, 2019  | person_outline Hubbert
I mean pro-R of course...
July 16, 2019  | person_outline Hubbert
On July 16, 2019 - @Hubbert said:
Is it better or “as good as” pro-Q? If not, then...why ? (cheaper is not a valid argument when spending hours trying to have the best out of my ipad)

I’m guessing NOWHERE NEAR Pro R. (Judging by Fabfilters reputation) But, likely a cheaper alternative.
July 17, 2019  | person burnalot
And now we also have Blackhole Reverb by Eventide ($20):


3 reverb apps released in a fortnight - choices, choices...
July 17, 2019  | person_outline Simon
Great demo vid. Clear explanation of features, effective demonstration of sounds.

Nice sounding reverb and a great editing capabilities & GUI. Love seeing the RTSA while editing the EQ.

$8 seems pretty reasonable.

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