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deltAdata - Liquid Gold

There are some things in life which seem like inevitabilities, and others that are merely looming certainties. Becoming your parents is an example of the former, while falling into the rabbit hole of modular synthesis is the latter for YouTuber deltAdata. He's trying to stave off this fate by sinking all of his money into gear for home brewing. He further tries to convince himself that he doesn't even need a modular rig, because he's already got great apps that can be used modularly.

Video Description:

Hello ! i made a paraphonic patch of thor to avoid falling into the void of modular gear aquisition, and i put some footages of my last brewing english pale ale on top of it !

recorded with line 6 vx sonic port, iphone 6 with audioshare and some Crystaline reverb.

Thanks for watching ! ✌

Reader Comments 5

Thanks for the kind words Tim !
If you want, send me your physical mail to: "deltadata.contact@gmailDOTcom" and i will gladly send you back some of my beers to thank you for all you do here ! 😊
Thanks for existing and for the support from my begining to now, you rock ! 😉
Cheers !
July 15, 2019  | person deltAdata
Bytheway you forgot to mention the crytaline reverb link ! ;)
July 15, 2019  | person deltAdata
@deltAdata: Thank you very much for the offer! I like beer, but I can't drink it. I've got gout and beer triggers it hard.
Lovely tune and performance. Thor seems to be the perfect antidote for Modular Gear Acquisition. Hopefully Propellerhead plans to show the app some love and bring it bang up to date.
July 16, 2019  | person_outline Kate Denhem
@Tim: Damn, sorry to ear that ! That's sad ! :(

@Kate: Thanks Kate !
Yep, Thor is realy awsome !!! ;)
August 02, 2019  | person deltAdata

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