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FM TINES by Gospel Musicians

Gospel Musicians released FM TINES, a library featuring the best FM electric piano sounds. The desktop version includes 30GB of samples, so the iOS version is necessarily slimmer... but still quite hefty at 5.2GB!

FM TINES iTunes Description:

FM TiNES is an electric piano library dedicated to the most beautiful FM electric pianos ever made. We know as musicians ourselves, that there is nothing more inspiring than the belly, crystal-like, tine sound of an FM electric piano. We ran through the entire 80’s gamut of the most beautifully expressive, rich, warm, and inspiring electric pianos ever made. The magic of our software is the expressiveness. We went to great lengths to make sure that all of our pianos are full of life, expression, warmth, and beauty, but providing an analog filter than can be controlled by velocity, and a color mod that will change the color and tone of the mod per velocity. When you combine both of these together, you create a very expressive electric piano sound that seems to change the tone on each and every keyboard touch. From beautiful tine stacks and layers, to wonderfully rich string and pad stacks, this will be your go-to library for all of your pretty electric piano needs.


• 109 Presets
• 105 Sounds
• 4371 Samples
• 5.2GB Samples (3.2GB Lossless)
• Stereo Detuning Mode to Thicken Sounds
• 20 High Quality Digital Effects, including the FULL VKFX Suite from Overloud™
• Series and Parallel Effects Routing Options
• Random Preset Generator
• Color modulator to change tone/character per velocity
• Ability to stack up to 4-sounds
• Additional Sound Elements: Strings, Pads, Choris, and Bells
• Analog Modeled Dimension D chorus

iOS Features:

• iOS 11+
• AUv3 Full View Support
• AUv3 Scrolling
• Supports Scrolling to see all parameters
• Background Audio
• Virtual MIDI
• Separate MIDI Channel Selections
• Virtual Keyboard Sends MIDI
• MIDI Learn any parameter


• Flexible Preset System with Fast search, loading, and saving
• Favorites option for sounds and presets
• Lightening fast sample streaming engine
• Warm analog rich simple-set ran through analog gear
• Easy modulation system - Tap+Hold to assign modulation to virtually any source
• A VA circuit modeled State Variable Filter, giving a warm analog sound.
• Ability to select edit multiple oscillators
• Dynamically and Graphically position FX signal flow in virtual racks.
• Separate Oscillator FX sends for Reverb and Insert FX.
• Featuring Overloud's VKFX Suite.
• Dattorro's figure-of-eight Algorithmic Reverb.
• Schroeder Algorithmic Reverb.
• Soft Master Limiter with Tube Saturation.
• Two Stereo Widener Options
• Custom Impulse Responses taken from high quality reverbs

* IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not the same exact sounds as the desktop version (The desktop version is 30GB). We picked the best sounds from the desktop to incorporate into the iOS version.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a demo to show off some of the presets!

Reader Comments 6

What a waste of resources. FM synthesis is not something to be sampled. It’s something to implement as synthesis.
July 09, 2019  | person dysamoria
I agree. It’s odd to see an app using 5Gb of samples to make sounds that could be done with KQ Dixie and a chorus plugin. I guess there is a good reason for this approach that I just don’t get.
July 09, 2019  | person_outline Northland
It seems this isn't an FM synth, but rather just a re-skinned Pure Synth Platinum 2 rompler with fewer presets. Or am I missing something?
I don't know if you're missing something, but I'm missing someone. For anyone planning to serenade their eternal soulmate, it is beyond necessary to have 5 full gigabytes dedicated to 100 variations on the same preset. It's like a jewelry store for crystal sounds. This app converts the love in your heart into healing crystal vibrations. If you want your song to produce a proper stream of tears, then you need to make sure you have the right crystal piano sound, and 5 gigabytes of crystal piano is a great blessing.
July 09, 2019  | person WilliamC
FM can produce all 127 steps of velocity-controlled tonal dynamics-- without samples. You need a good FM engine, and a good preset, and a few hundred MB of space.

There are reasons why someone (me included) would opt for making a complicated sample setup for some sounds. An FM piano doesn't seems like an appropriate case for me, but I can see why for others (crystal vibrations, and whatnot). :D
I think the purpose of this rompler was to give musicians an out of box set of sounds that could be instantly inspiring to them. If you look at the YouTube for FM Tines desktop, you see exactly the market they are going for.

Personally, I love the variations of electric pianos and the variety is such that it couldn't be achieved from simply using KQDixie, FM Player, or even Digital D1, all of which I have used. It's perfect for my R&B and Smooth Jazz productions. Plus it is inspiring and very reminiscent of 80's/90's R&B sounds.

For FM traditionalist, probably stick to KQDixie. I found it was too much work to get the textures I wanted. Even with the multitude of FM patches out there. Sometimes you just don't want to futz with sounds and just get to playing.

July 13, 2019  | person TicToc03

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