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Adam Hardyman - Gestrument Jazz

Adam Hardyman is the latest person to screw up typing "discord" because of this site. I love seeing that! Adam also produced some fun jazz in Gestrument Pro.

Video Description:

Having some real fun playing with GESTRUMENT PRO and working it through AUM - (they both link up perfectly) A real departure from my usual stuff!
It all started on my iPhone! Gestrument works well even with reduced screen space - then transferred over to my iPad Pro...

Gestrument lends itself to Jazz (amongst other styles...) and it took me on a journey to try and make something approaching real jazz! Testing my musical theory to the limits! Modal Jazz anyone? 😳

Still experimenting - I’m going to make a few of these to see how far I can go.
In AUM I used Sugar Bytes FACTORY for some glitchy beats, GrooveBox (as always!), my new favourite STRNG and a new addition - Shape Synth.

FX and processing - BestFormer (for the whole mix), Harmonic Exciter (4Pockets), fabfilter ProQ2 and Dischord4.

Mastered through Final Touch.

All edited on Luma Fusion.

Please feel free to comment, always appreciated!
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Thanks for watching! 🙏

Reader Comments 5

Really inspiring!

Did have a moment with the original Gestrument app when things “fell into place” in a way that made a lot of sense, and it felt like it could become something really central to my musicking. Even got my partner to try it and she had the sense that she could be a musician.
Waited anxiously for Gestrument Pro to arrive and it was indeed a great update. Still thought it could become a big thing for me.
Then left it for other setups and workflows, mostly based on AUv3.
But this video really wants me to get back to Gestrument Pro and set things up in a way which makes sense for me. This comes very close to my musicking sensitivity. Indeed, it counts as Jazz Fusion for those of us who enjoy Jazz Fusion.

In fact, wish there could be more Jazz coverage in the iOS musicking scene. There’s a couple of Jazz-savvy apps (including “backing tracks” and such). But it’s relatively rare to have a Discord, erm, DiscChord piece about Jazz improvisation on an iPad or iPhone.
Great comments, thank you. I was a bit nervous about posting a ‘Jazz’ kind of thing as wasn’t sure if it would be well received, but I was wrong!
Gestrument is a great app for more improvisational styles, I’m going to do some more work with it in future videos...I wonder if it will ever get an upgrade? It is wonderful but some more effects (delay) and some more sounds (editable) would be fantastic!
June 14, 2019  | person_outline Adam Hardyman
Excellent work!
June 14, 2019  | person_outline Don Maghrak
Wow, that’s a very cool session!
Music and video, nicely done! 😊👍
June 14, 2019  | person_outline Chandro ji
Hey, Andy, very interesting track. You have great skill at manipulating the gear and kept making it interesting. The modal thing is a little double edged. You can't play a wrong note but it is also impossible to play a "right" wrong note! Here is a track I did with RC275' iFretless Bass, Hesvy Brass and Sift Drummer. There are plenty of jazzers on the platform, I think.

June 14, 2019  | person_outline IosPlayer

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