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Cubasis 2 Update

Steinberg released a major update to Cubasis 2! Owners of the Classic Machines $3 IAP will find two new drum kits. The update also adds a notepad for displaying and writing lyrics, or anything else worth noting.

Cubasis 2.8 brings us native support for AudioShare! This will be especially helpful this Fall when iPadOS brings external storage into the picture.

What's new in Cubasis 2 v2.8:

・Classic Machines Refill

Be truly inspired when programming your beats with two beautiful, sought-after drum kits, each in two tasty variations and with a range of ready-to-go MIDI grooves, newly added to Classic Machines in-app purchase. As an existing user you can grab the Classic Machines update for free, or get more bang for your buck if you’re a newbie.


Use the great new notepad feature to display lyrics within Cubasis and easily adjust them to your needs. You can also write down track-based information or any other notes you need. Just make your choice and Cubasis follows.

・AudioShare support*

Tap the new AudioShare button to instantly import the audio files you want to use in your project or share audio files with the rest of the world. Cubasis makes it simple to keep your focus on what's most important.

・Track Freeze refresh

Track Freeze quickly converts tracks (including their settings) into new audio tracks. In 2.8, easily normalize tracks on the go while freezing them, or set locators to limit track freeze to single events or dedicated regions.

・Full grid lines support in Arrange Window

Benefit from an even better user experience and razor-sharp precision that makes use of full grid lines support in the Arrange Window, including newly added support for triplet and dotted notes.

・Full grid lines support in MIDI editor

Whether you are composing new MIDI parts in the MIDI editor or polishing existing tracks - grid lines support provides you with great new options to snap notes to the beat with total accuracy, speed and efficiency.


Cubasis 2.8 includes several user-requested improvements, which assure the best possible performance with the utmost stability. For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions, please visit www.steinberg.net/cubasisforum.

We hope you find the latest new features useful.

If you like Cubasis, please support us by rating this app in the App Store! Thank you.

*Classic Machines Refill requires Classic Machines IAP, AudioShare support requires the AudioShare app.

Reader Comments 6

This is awesome, specially for me, i just started using cubasis a lot more for linear things, i forgot bought waves back when i was out of memory and deleted cubasis, i just started exploring waves and the new arp, lots of good stuf! im finding its really came a long way. There has obviously been some serious attention paid to smoothing out its workflow and making it solid. Between this BM3 and Gadget, im having lots of fun, i bring in other apps for a minute, record them and shut em back down.. now we got notes!!!!!???? This is soooo awesome, i was hoping bm3 would do that but cubasis is good too!
June 12, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3
Another nice update from Cuebasis.

And thank you for the new drum machines!
June 12, 2019  | person_outline Simon
Oh well maybe next time we will get Link, and or external midi sync.
Or at least a fix for the midi clock output that looses timing when looping between locators.
June 12, 2019  | person_outline El Jeffe
Wtf it doesnt have link? Well im not surprised.... i wonder if its because they are being corporate about things? Errrr! That sucks , link is like the best thing, its the glue that holds me together at somtimes!
June 13, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3
I take back everything nice i said.. :(
June 13, 2019  | person_outline Cyp3
Anyone knows - are aux tracks/channels now in? As soon as Cubasis will get aux tracks I'm buying it and ditching all other mobile DAWs!
June 13, 2019  | person Ghostrider

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