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Mozaic Plugin Engine Update

Mozaic Plugin Engine, from Bram Bos, got a major update to the scripting language!

What's new in Mozaic Plugin Engine v1.0.3.1:

Thanks for all the helpful feedback and support.
Version 1.0.3 has a whole lot of new features, fixes and improvements including the much-requested Pad Labels!

1. Pad labels
You can now label pads. The obvious function call for this is:
LabelPad padnum, {Label}

2. Handling of AU Parameters
I completely reworked AU parameter handling to be more robust. It should now work as expected in all directions; sending them into the plugin, and getting them out of the plugin, either via the GUI or via scripts.

3. Scripts can now be much longer (up to 2500 lines).

4. Maximum number of user variables raised to 200

5. Improved keyboard support and behavior on iPad

6. Functions for keeping track of Note States
Basically, this offers you a 16-channel x 128-note matrix for storing values to keep track of whatever you're doing with MIDI notes:
SetNoteState channel, note, value
value = GetNoteState channel, note

7. FillArray now accepts an optional index and number of cells to fill:
FillArray variable, value [,numcells]
FillArray a[50], 64, 25 // fill 25 cells with the value 64, starting with a[50]

8. Use note names and scale names in strings
Log {The root note is: }, RootNoteName
Log {The current scale: }, ScaleName
Log {The third scale: }, (ScaleName 2)
LabelKnob 0, {Note: }, (NoteName 3) // Note: D#
LabelKnob 0, {Note: }, (NoteName 40, YES) // Note: E2 --> this shows the octave with the note name
These 'macros' work in all Label and Log functions..

9. OnMetroPulse timing improved when using extreme metronome resolutions (> 250)

10. PresetScale now also works with numerical values:
PresetScale 3
Log ScaleName // MinorMelodic

11. Exit
You can use the Exit command to immediately exit an event handler

12. Array initializer bugs fixed
There were some issues when using mathematical operators in array initializers

13. MASSIVE internal refactoring of GUI and event handling code, resulting in higher performance and less complex code (=fewer bugs and easier maintenance ;-) ).

14. GetXYMorphValue was flipped. Flipped it back.

15. Pitchbend bug fixed

16. OnHostStart/OnHostStop are now fired before all other events

17. Really long labels could sometimes cause a crash - fixed

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