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Preview: Delayrium in apeMatrix

Anthony Di Furia, developer of the enigmatic Esoteric Synth, is testing out his new multi-delay AUv3 app. Here he's got Delayrium running through apeMatrix. In the video we can hear the app running a vocal sample through different presents. There is no indication of when Delayrium will be released, but my guess is soon.

Video Description:

Delayrium is a MultiDelay Audio Units PlugIn in parallel approach. It is based on 6 delay line with controls in Time, Time Modulation, Feedback, Panning Modulation and Amplitude Modulation. It can be use as classic delay or sperimental mode for sound design and more. Delayrium contains 2 Audio Unit Plugin: Mono and Stereo mode.


AUv3 Audio Unit Effect (apeMatrix, AUM, Cubasis, Nano Studio…)
6 Delay Line
Time Control (time and bpm)
Time Modulation
Panning Modulation (time and bpm)
Amplitude Modulation
Preset System

Support: http://www.anthonydifuria.com/iosapps/

Special Thanks to: Alessandro Petrolati - apeSoft


Victor Lazzarini and Steven Yi for Csound for IOS


Reader Comments 4

I swear, it’s like this dude read a book on interface design then said! “Fuck it, I’m going to do everything opposite because I hate users.”
DruMonkey : scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll,annoyed, DubStation.
May 17, 2019  | person burnalot
On May 17, 2019 - @burnalot said:
DruMonkey : scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll,annoyed, DubStation.

DubStation is OK, but in my expert opinion, Tap Delay is the beast master of delays, especially if you midi map it (especially the eq) to a controller to play it near self-oscillation.

Bleass Delay is also awesome if you need pitch-shifting type FX

And the new K7D tape delay is also pretty bad-ass...

Basically there's not much reason to get this one I don't think...

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