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Medly Update

Medly, from Medly Labs Inc., continues to churn out more content for subscribers. Today's update features a R&B pack with 12 instruments, available in 66 new loops and samples. There is also a new collection of vocals.

Most of the companies offering a subscription model fail to pump out continuous value for their customers. I'm genuinely impressed by the pace with Medly. They're actually bringing something new each month.

What's new in Medly v5.2.7:

R&B Pack:
- Rhythm and Blues arrives in Medly, with May's new pack
- Includes 12 instruments and 66 new loops and samples
- Featuring professionally recorded vocals
- Exclusive to Medly Member

Bennie did a fun recreation of Billie Eilish's Bad Guy in Medly. WARNING: Bodily fluids, because Billie Ellish.

Reader Comments 2

Wow. Coming from you, Tim, that’s quite an endorsement!

Maybe we can find some common ground about subscription models. I readily understand why people dislike them and there’s been something close to an abusive relationships between companies forcing their subscription pricing and their users. Yet, there are some cases in which subscriptions can make sense. Or hybrid models which can have some of advantages of subscriptions with a degree of fuller ownership.
After all, models like Timmeon/Patreon are pretty much like subscription.

I’m a middle-aged “cord-never” (I never had a subscription to a cable TV service). But I’ve had subscriptions to things like Netflix (both the DVD-by-mail and the online streaming), web hosting services, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Rdio/Spotify, and sample libraries (Noiiz, Output Arcade, Splice, Sounds.com…).

Subscription pricing for Bitwig is a bummer but BWS3 really is what I want to use.
@Enkerli: Yeah, my feelings on subscriptions for apps have changed... while my thinking on them has not.

At first I enjoyed scoffing at them, but over the years I've started to feel bad for them. I get why so many think they need to do this. Our current model isn't sustainable. Unfortunately most of the subscription "solutions" we've seen so far are equally unsustainable, or just plain greedy.

I don't mind paying for Netflix because they keep bringing more value every single month. Medly's subscription isn't cheap, but they seem try to provide continual value for the continual money.

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