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Superbooth 2019: Tim Exile's ENDLESSS Updates

Gaz Williams was touring Superbooth for Sonic State, where he ran into Tim Exile. Last month Gaz got us all hyped for the upcoming Endless app. In this follow-up video the guys catch up on the latest developments. You should really go back and watch the original video if you haven't seen it yet, or this won't make a lot of sense.

Towards the end of the video they include some details on the price and availability. The release window is "this year" and the pricing model will include a free tier and a "reasonably priced" subscription tier.

Video Description:

ENDLESSS is Tim Exile's multi-user jamming platform for sharing and collaborating with people on your iOS device. We caught up with Tim at Superbooth this year to see what updates they had added to the app. 

Updates included a Sync out option for analogue clock when using a camera connection kit and an audio interface, facilitating sync with external analogue and modular gear. We also heard some news about the upcoming chat features that will be implemented in the future. 

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Reader Comments 2

Cannot get excited about this because it is a) another subscription model, and b) a nightmare of copyright. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say three people use the app to collaborate, from the UK, US and Jamaica. Who owns what is produced, and whose legal system takes precedence?
May 14, 2019  | person Zen
Have yet to get into Endlesss. Descriptions make it sound interesting, including an interview that Tim Exile did with Jamie Lidell. But it feels like it can quickly become a timesink.
Basically, I can’t wrap my head around it before trying it.
Something which isn’t clear to me is whether or not it supports something like IAA. AUv3 would be way better, but I’d be really surprised if it supported it (the site does mention VST support is coming up).
Of course, I could use an audio interface to record some of my hardware. But that kind of defeats the purpose of “jamming from my phone”.

There’s something which bothers me about the whole thing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s not really about the subscription model as I think it makes quite a bit of sense. Copyright isn’t much of an issue for me and I really don’t think of informal jamming as something to do with music publishing (though Exile does have some ideas about commercialization). I think it’s more about: I really like the overall idea and been waiting for something like this for a while, but this implementation of the idea doesn’t feel like it’s going in the right direction.
Like, I understand this is really meant to be a work in progress with as much community input as possible (that part actually connects with my day job, which might be part of the problem). But it’s the overall model which sounds both too complicated and too simple. You jam by sending loops into “Rifffs”. Ok, I think I got that. And people can remix those loops and Rifffs in different ways. Cool. But… Hmmm… I don’t know. Something about it sounds like everything will mush into the same kind of music.

Guess I should just find a good demo of it. Or bite the bullet and invite myself to one of these jams.

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