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StreamByter Update

Audeonic's StreamByter got a huge refresh! There are now 16 customizable controls on the "CUSTOMISABLE" control box. This programmable MIDI effect has also been updated with an improved programming language. If that sounds daunting there is also a new StreamByter University that can teach you how to program it.

What's new in StreamByter v1.4 (Abridged):

Originally this was just going to be a bug fix release, but we got carried away and this update is packed with new features!

First, there are now 16 individual controls in the CUSTOMISABLE GUI control box. Each of those controls can be configured to be a slider (as before) or a drop down menu or a button. Drop down menus can be styled to be numeric, note names or boolean. Buttons can either be momentary or latched. Or you can hide a control. The controls are customised using StreamByter rules.

Second, we have responded to the criticism that the StreamByter language is ‘assembler’ like. You can now use long form keywords instead of the original 3 character short forms. Coupled with a relaxation on case convention, this makes code look much more readable and easier to craft and understand. The language has been enhanced allowing the use of custom names for variables, simple macros, fully blown parameterised subroutines and code includes. Despite the new improvements, everything is backwards compatible, so existing code written in short form will work just fine.

Third, we have produced a series of articles for the ‘StreamByter University’ that guide both the novice and beginner alike in getting to grips with writing your own MIDI FX. This is found on our soapbox forum. Touch the App Store support link for the app to navigate there or follow the link in the in-app help.

Reader Comments 3

I'm glad the University is able accommodate both novices and beginners (that's cute).

This kind of scriptable device is fascinating.

I was intrigued by Mozaic (upcoming by Bram Bos) but it is a fixed GUI, and seems to be a bit more limited in scope (as far as what I'm thinking of building, one day).

I'm hoping to build a generative MIDI "thing", but not sure if this is the way to go. Will need to read more.
As someone that is amused by both MIDI effects and code, I'm feeling spoiled for choice, but I strongly dislike the syntax of Mozaic. I mentioned this to Bram and he was Dutch about his answer. :p


(Disclaimer: I got paid by Audeonic to do things a long time ago. My opinions are suspect.)
On May 13, 2019 - @Tim Webb said:
(Disclaimer: I got paid by Audeonic to do things a long time ago. My opinions are suspect.)

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