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Let's Play with Strng

I love Karplus-Strong string synthesis. It tickles my eardrums and brain in exactly the right way. My mini-series on Audulus was all about building up my own Karplus-Strong engine. Fortunately you don't have to do any of that, because Strng presents all of the vital elements in one pretty little package.

With the addition of AUv3 and a saturator this app has taken on a new life! So Let's Play with it!

Video Description:

humbleTUNE updated their string synthesis app Strng with AUv3 support and some other goodies! I explore it all in this Let's Play!

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Thanks for this great demo!
May 10, 2019  | person Kurtlrnz
That post title is great. I thought you were changing this blog into a blog for cats for a second there.
On May 10, 2019 - @Laarz said:
That post title is great. I thought you were changing this blog into a blog for cats for a second there.

That's always on the back of my mind after the huge popularity of my Apps for Cats April Fool's joke.
I remember the first Karplus-Strong software thingy I played with. I've long forgotten the name. It was on a mac. It included a little step sequencer with little dots. I agree with your comment "tickles my eardrums and brain in exactly the right way."

It's interesting how it can evoke that Ovation gtr with under-saddle pickup sound. Fortunately, there are ways to shape the tone into other areas.

The "Crush" setting on the noise impulse seems to act more like a lowpass or playback rate control rather than bit crushing. The name is a bit counter intuitive- to what it sounds like.

Looks like you can do a fair amount with that interface.

How does it compare to Laplace? Is there any ability to MIDI learn parameter control with Strng?

Bought the app. Been playing with the stingry stuff. Some nice sounds possible. AUV3 helped my decision.. or to put it another way... No AU no buy.

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