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Factory by Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes brought their modular synthesizer Factory to iOS! Unlike most traditional hardware modulars, Factory is polyphonic with 8 voices! You can generate those voices with a colossal collection of oscillators, and a deep modulation matrix. Factory arrives with AUv3, Ableton Link, and iCloud preset syncing.

The app is free to try, and is presently $18 to unlock via IAP.

Factory iTunes Description:

Made for complex and organic sounds, Factory sports a big modulation matrix with all kinds of features to create a wildlife of sounds. A vast array of DSP is ready to play: Analog style oscillators and filters, but also different flavors of wavetable synthesis, Wavetable driven Waveguide resonators and a 3-FX-Chain in a dynamic signal flow. With the Morph crossfader, sounds can be changed drastically, but always musically. The Preset Browser with tags and rating makes finding sounds easy and fun.
Don´t miss out on super sonic modular mayhem and check Factory today!

Key Features:
• Poly Synth with Mod-Matrix and Sequencers
• 2x10 Oscillator Engines
• Sub-Oscillator with Ringmodulation
• Noise Generator with 5 colors
• 8-voice VA-Sync, Wavetable, Waveguide & Fractal Synthesis
• 8x10 Mod Matrix with 36 targets
• Morph Fader, 2 States & Copy/Paste
• Envelopes and LFOs
• Sample & Hold Modul
• 4x Sequencers for all kinds of Gates and CV's, incl. 36 motion curves, uni/bipolar.
• Arpeggiator, Intonation engine, Scale Quantizer
• 11 Filter models & 3x Multi-Effect with drag 'n' drop signal flow
• Audio Unit v3 & Standalone
• Virtual, Network, External & Bluetooth MIDI
• Ableton Link
• MIDI Learn & Host Automation
• Preset iCloud Sync
• Preset Share

Doug Woods did a Factory demo, and embedded here is the official tutorial series for the desktop version.

Reader Comments 13

This is a fantastic synth, well worth the money if you want to buy the full version - bought it for Mac a couple of years ago on release. Would like to get it for iOS too, but don’t know if I’d be able to export any sounds I make to load up in my Mac version.
May 10, 2019  | person_outline Rob Fenn
Amazing and exciting stuff is happening now. Sugar Bytes gave us two esoteric synthesizers full of features and amazing sound. Apparillo was full blown success and Factory will be to. What is mos important is the fact that we did not get jus two new synths. We got two amazing sounding machines that can produce the sound that can describe almost any situation. These are the synths for telling stories. Thank you Sugar Bytes.

Did anyone notice possible bug with Factory or is it only me? The synth crush when trying to save my own preset.
Best regards to brothers and sisters mobile musicians all over the world.
May 10, 2019  | person_outline SoundShow
@SoundShow - a fix has already been submitted for the preset saving.
@Rob Fenn - I was just studying the manual for this app, and it shares presets through iCloud with the Mac version.
May 10, 2019  | person Roikat
I just got it about an hour ago, it’s so good! I’m having so much fun with it. Hope they fix the preset saving bug soon
May 11, 2019  | person_outline Synthesaurio
May 11, 2019  | person Marcel
Another amazing AU synth from Sugary bites. This one is just as amazing as Aparillo.
When did Apple change its App Store policies to allow demos?
On May 11, 2019 - @dysamoria said:
When did Apple change its App Store policies to allow demos?

Apps have had IAP for many years. No change of policy.
So excited to have another SugarBytes synth - this one is every bit as wild and deep as aparillo... fantastic work!
Hubba Hubba! I can actually feel my brain twisting and squeezing when I play with this. At some other time and place I might easily consider this to be worth half as much as a new car. We are lucky beyond words to be here now to swim in things like this. Bless you, Sugar Bytes!
May 14, 2019  | person_outline SlowlyITurn
On May 12, 2019 - @grammatonfeather said:

Apps have had IAP for many years. No change of policy.

It used to be expressly against the Apple Store policy to have demo-only apps. Are you saying that IAP changed that policy?
Can this site please stop informing me of the mention I’ve already seen and replied to?

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