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K7D Giveaway

Reader Skiphunt spoke with Imaginado to organized a giveaway for you guys here! How cool is that? This is for their new K7D - Tape Delay, released earlier this week.

Just register and comment here for a chance to win one of three copies! Codes will go out tomorrow morning!

In the comments here wooliscool pointed out that the name of the app is a Portuguese pun. 7 is "sete" in Portuguese, and K is pronounced "Ka." This means the name of the app is, "Ka-Sete D". Kassete in Portuguese, or Cassette tape in English.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Nonny Moose, Bristol Manor, and burnalot!

Contest Entries 41

That’ll do pig, that’ll do.
Free? That’s my favourite price!
Count me in!
May 09, 2019  | person Matt
In it to win it
DRC is very nice... K7D would add some spice
I want it, thank you
May 09, 2019  | person Freddy
Hey, nice reduced Interface-how is its audio quality?
Maybe one day I will actually win something!
Count me in
In portuguese k7 reads “ka-sete” which means “tape” (7 in portuguese is “sete”)
Real word is cassete, deriving from “cassette”.
On May 09, 2019 - @wooliscool said:
In portuguese k7 reads “ka-sete” which means “tape” (7 in portuguese is “sete”)

Oh! Wow, that's a cute pun! Thanks for cluing us non-Portuguese speakers in.
Ready for some tape delay joy
yes please :-))
May 09, 2019  | person muki
Looks like a fun app!
Yes, please count me in for Ka-Sete Delay. Thanks.
Yes ! Thanks and Good luck !
I’m old enough to remember cassettes and young enough to make music on an iPad. This delay effect looks good.
May 09, 2019  | person nreyes
Imaginado makes very good apps ...
May 09, 2019  | person Sealex
Like DRC, good stuff
May 09, 2019  | person Mr Tibbs
Thank you for the chance!
Yes please!......please!......please!.....plea .... ..
May 09, 2019  | person SimHC
I love tape delays!
delay me
May 09, 2019  | person mchlnrvs
To quote Tom Peterson (not the bass player), Portland’s old late night TV commercial scion: “Free is a very good price!”
May 09, 2019  | person Humbuzz
Yay! Tape Delay! 🤩
i like kassete
May 09, 2019  | person vasre
K7D me please ASAP....you PYT you Tim.
Nice delay.
I’ll take one!!
I'm in. Looks cool.
May 09, 2019  | person Psych
I am in. am in. in.
It’s only $2.99, but is still love it for free. Am I awful????
May 09, 2019  | person bvsmv
Looks great!
May 09, 2019  | stars burnalot
Looks cool!!!
May 09, 2019  | person dismay
Love to enter the giveaway. Thanks @Skiphunt and Tim!
I’d like to say it’s “Saudade pelo calor da cassette”
May 10, 2019  | person abi
Look great! So many good audiounits. We're blessed!
Delayed contest entry… 🤞
Sounds pretty wild!
Thank you for the opportunity, imanginado is phenomenal!?!
Thank you Tim

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