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Fuck Unison Audio

YouTuber Ave Mcree, better known as Traptendo, did a video calling out Unison Audio on their overpriced nonsense. Rather than accepting this criticism, the folks at Unison Audio had YouTube pull it by doing a fraudulent copyright claim against the video. That is a terrifying precedent, and I hope it fucking ruins them.

Video Description:

A video about Unison Audio copyright striking my "Unison Audio Chord MIDI Pack Scam" video! This is a channel strike which is affects my monetization rights and could get my channel deleted. I don't care if that happens because I'm not going to stand for people hustling you. It's sad that YouTube allows shills and dishonest companies to strike honest reviewers. It's censorship at it finest! YouTube as a company has lost all of it's charm when it stop caring about the community on here. Do I like doing videos like these? No, but it's necessary when people are using their influence for the wrong things. I'm not knocking their hustle by NO MEANS, but offer a product that is 100% YOURS!!!!!

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From the Q&A on their website:
Q: Are the MIDI files in the Unison MIDI Chord Pack royalty free?
Yes, all the MIDI files in the Unison MIDI Chord Pack are 100% royalty free and cleared for commercial use. You can use them in your music however you want.
April 29, 2019  | person Ghostrider
That wasn't the objection. These are just MIDI files with chords in them... I would hope you would be able to use them in your music.
I didn't watch the whole vid. What was Unison Audio claiming copyright on?
I’m not surprised. I’ve been seeing a lot of YouTube ads for this, so I decided to research it a bit. Nothing but bad reviews. Most notably, bad reviews about the customer service, or complete lack thereof.
They are just selling chords. There is no copyright on chords. It is all very common knowledge. A very sad product. Better to encourage people to know how to make chords themselves. Random picking of chords won’t garner imspration. But it will distract from learning how to develop one’s ear and gaining a harmonic vocabulary and understanding. It’s a rip off on many levels.
One of the chords in the pack was missing. Demanded a refund.
YouTube makes it too easy to abuse their copyright claim system... because they don’t want to pay humans to moderate the system. Companies know this and use it for retaliation all the time. It’s well known and well documented. It’s a shithole of a system and YouTube has zero incentive to change it. If you make your income via YouTube, you ought to find another path to income. You have no rights with YouTube and never will (then again, nothing stopped two of my prior employers from violating my legally protected rights either...).
Sick of always seeing these YouTube adds for Unison. They must be making money off of the pack to be paying for the ads. They somehow manage to find the most irritating presenter and give them the worst script... Maybe they need to be called out more visibly on their customer service and then people can learn to avoid them.
On February 11, 2020 - @Spoookyzoo said:
Maybe they need to be called out more visibly on their customer service and then people can learn to avoid them.

I spoke to someone at a larger music tech site when this was going down. He didn't feel like this was a particularly worthy story. Now that you mention how much they spend on advertising, I can't help but wonder if that might have influenced the decision.
As a developer and founder of a non-profit loop and sample company, i find it strange this is anything more than a tiny python application that can write midi files in tune.

Which is something anyone with 30minutes of time can create.

I think there's more value to loops that are recorded on real instruments where people turn the knobs and sliders, not just a bunch of midi files.

I'm surprised this isn't free, it's probably a couple megabytes. I can't imagine spending that much money on kilobyte sized files. It's like, you're buying 1's and zeros... Nothing more. Nothing less.

Midi is merely a file with code in it, like a text file. It's easy to copy and paste that text file and make it free too.

Watch this video to get enlightened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i01CEvCOeZg

Sounds like a bunch of SCAMs and zzzzz, pass.

Good luck out there...
[Tim Edit: You almost got past me, Tyler. I've removed your spam link and left your comment up as an effigy.]
May 15, 2020  | mood_bad keamo
Making a conclusion by Unison Audio YouTube ad video that I have to see often ;( They targeted at young boys those wants to be cool and make cool dance music but have not any knowledge of music harmony and theory at all. There's a big audience of that people now due to tech condition of our society. The chords (MIDI files) spreading in somewhat a folders, trying to advise some relationship sense to a young person (to find some chord is fit to be inserted into a tune). Pity, because there's a bunch of really good apps on the app store now, that helping to find those chord relationships, think touchscaper or Chordup , for instance. The methods they use to calm down journalist people are ridiculous, but there's a big market for them to lick a rock on fools.

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