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New AUv3 Effects Suite by Cristiano Piatti

Cristiano Piatti released ModulatorSquare, WaveSine, and FuzzBox today. More and more AUv3 apps are arriving every month, and these manage to distinguish themselves in a couple of novel ways.

For a start, they're practically unusable! The apps claim to be using Apple's graphics API, Metal, for audio processing. Why stop there though? You can use that same graphics framework to make your interface! Sadly Cristiano's 3D design skills fall short, and we get 3 very ugly looking apps; with knobs you can barely turn.

There are no labels on anything so you'll often feel like they're not even doing anything. But you'll know that they are! As a consequence of rendering these 3D interfaces your CPU usage is going to spike way up! Until they crash... My iPhone XR is my packing the most advanced CPU Apple offers, but even it can't cope with these. It might seem shitty of me to complain so much about free apps, but these are a waste of your time.

ModulatorSquare iTunes Description:

WaverSine iTunes Description:

FuzzBox iTunes Description:

Modelled on a physical based algorithm and low level coding for state of the art performance and sound quality.
Audio unit AuV3 plugin technology support (Metal API in full screen mode).

Reader Comments 8

Thanks for the warning on these!
Nice of the dev to make them free but I think I'll wait until they are sorted out before installing.
April 17, 2019  | person_outline Simon
Each one crashed in AUM, no effects heard. You know I had to try Tim. Thanks for introducing to us this waste of our time.
Thanks for the warning. That’ll save me time.
April 17, 2019  | person dysamoria
These do not work, at this time, under AUM. What is the point of any developer developing an app that is not tested properly under what is probably the most popular tool?
April 18, 2019  | person Zen
This guy must have problems. I don't expect a good app from him. To release 3 apps that screw up your device like that and does nothing and has a ridiculous interface sets off alarms, stay away.
April 18, 2019  | person_outline Perry
Doesn't apple test apps before letting them into the wild?
On April 18, 2019 - @stub said:
Doesn't apple test apps before letting them into the wild?

No. This continues to be an issue, despite their claims otherwise and despite having so many supposed consumer-protection policies on the App Store.
April 18, 2019  | person dysamoria

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