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SonicLAB: Sneak Peek at Endlesss from Tim Exile

In the latest SonicLAB, Gaz Williams shows off the upcoming Tim Exile app: Endless! So named because it lets you endlessly remix and collaborate with friends! This looks like a lot of fun, and Gaz does a great job of showing off all the features.

Endless is still in development, but you can participate in the beta while slots are available.

Video Description:

To join the Sonicstate public jam click this link:

Endlesss is the latest brainchild from the restlessly creative Tim Exile (see our pieces with him here...) You may also know Tim’s excellent trilogy of Native Instruments plug-ins, the Mouth, the Finger and Flesh.

This time though we are looking at standalone application 'Endlesss' - iOS only but with future plans for Android and desktop releases. Endlesss (currently in early Beta) is a collaborative platform that uses a deceptively simple concept to allow for continuously evolving jam sessions between multiple users anywhere in the world.

The basic premise is that someone starts a jam, invites others to join, and from there it evolves; each participant's contribution is automatically uploaded and updated to everyone else’s device with an identifying initial to indicate who’s rifff it is. Endlesss (with the extra 's') is all about creating rifffs (with the extra 'f' ;-) Either by using the built in sounds - there’s drums, bass and synth sounds available (performed with a touch interface), or actual audio from the microphone on your phone or an audio interface. A nifty retrospective looper allows you to add the last two bars that you’ve played into the jam or you could use the advanced looper that extends that up to 8 bars. Some great effects can also be added to any existing loop via a 'Kaoss Pad' type of approach. Effects can be applied to a specific loop or as a master effect. A new audio loop is generated with the effects baked-in. There is a limited mixer function where loops can be muted or their volumes adjusted. All synchronising to the outside world is handled by Ableton Link.

A rifff consists of up to 8 individual audio loops, but any new loop added after all 8 slots are filled creates an auto-merge of the oldest loops, ensuring the jam can continue and going some way to explain the Endlesss title! Rifffs, once committed to the jam are available to see in the Rifff Journal which has all contributions listed in chronological order, with page breaks for each day. One of the truly revolutionary aspects of Endlesss is the fact that you can click on any previous Rifff and continue from there, this allows you to revisit any point in time and then make that the current jam.

Any Rifff can be selected and its individual layers can be exported out via multiple means so you could import them into your DAW for example and use them as the starting point of a new composition. This gives Endlesss the possibility of being used in a more serious and professional context but really its primary purpose is to make an incredibly fluid and fun process that gets people making music together with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Tim has kindly set up a public jam especially for Sonicstate viewers. The limited amount of users will eventually prevent new users joining so best act quickly if you want to play along! As it is still early days costings haven’t been finalised but it is likely to follow either an in-app purchase model for extra internal sounds or a cloud storage model for keeping all your Rifffs safe. This jam though is currently a free way to join in the fun and try out this innovative and joyous invention!
Here’s that link to to the public jam again:
Frozen Reverbs Racks for Live: http://bit.ly/freezemachines

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This is going to result in trouble of a legal nature. What is there to protect an individual contribution, especially is participants are in different countries under different legal systems.
April 17, 2019  | person Zen
On April 17, 2019 - @Zen said:
This is going to result in trouble of a legal nature. What is there to protect an individual contribution, especially is participants are in different countries under different legal systems.

We've seen apps that try to account for that with accounting... it was a convoluted mess:

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