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FM 304 by DesignByPaul

DesignByPaul released FM 304. This massive FM synth app includes 3 different FM engines. Each of those offers 4 operators with their own sequencers and effects. The iTunes description does not indicate if this supports AUv3 or Inter-App Audio or anything... I've sent Paul an email for clarification.

FM 304 iTunes Description:

FM 304 is a set of Three 4 operator FM synths, each with integrated sequencers and onboard effects. FM 304 exposes all synth parameters with a one knob per function paradigm, allowing for quick, fun and intuitive real-time manipulation and creation of tunes and sounds.

Tech specs
— 3x four op FM synth
— 3x LFO
— 3x 16 step sequencer
— Effects: delay, reverb, chorus
— 100 save slots
— 8 algorithms
— Note frequency quantize

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direct link to the page on his site with 3 x sound cloud examples.


his other apps look/sound interesting too.
April 15, 2019  | person Re5etuk
@Re5etuk: Thanks! I didn't see that this morning. I've swapped the DesignByPaul link to go there.

Unfortunately I still haven't heard back from Paul.
I picked this up and it is great fun, loads to play with, but as far as I can tell no AB/IAA/Au so far, right now just seems to be a standalone
On April 15, 2019 - @pantsofdeath said:
I picked this up and it is great fun, loads to play with, but as far as I can tell no AB/IAA/Au so far, right now just seems to be a standalone

I still haven't heard back from Paul. Maybe he's on a digital detox to decompress and celebrate the launch.
It's a great app with all features kept to one page. It has a huge amount of potential. I sent Paul this wishlist of things I think would make it a killer app (although even as it stands I would highly recommend people who like FM synthesis and grooveboxes to pick it up)...

1. The option to patch change on the next sequence cycle automatically after you’ve selected the next patch you’d like it to move to.

2. Double click on the Patch window to bring up all your patches so you could move from say Patch 012 to 003 quickly without multiple button presses to get to the patch you want. Maybe each Patch could show the saved BPM too, so you know which ones you could connect to nicely.

3. Instruction manual. I’ve worked most of it out, but the sequence pitch amounts feel like a bit of a mystery, and the bottom circle buttons of the notes seems also a bit of a mystery as to connecting with what pitches you’ve selected in the sequence bars.

4. Double click on knobs and sliders to revert to default

5. Ability to expand the window size of each synth sequence section so you can get the values more accurately for the sliders

6. When turning the knobs you get the values in the top left corner of the screen, but no such info for the sequence sliders

7. More Patch save locations. Maybe you could have Banks A-D or something, with 100 Patch spaces within each bank? I’m quickly going to run out of room, as I want to save so many ideas.

8. LFO shapes

9. I’ve just been choosing different algorithms in time with a sequence and would love to be able to sequence which algorithm is playing for each step of the sequence…would really open up a lot of possibilities.

10. This is the big one I’d like - A record mode for recording any knob and slider movements for the patch - similar to Korg Volca FM and things like Electribes etc.
April 16, 2019  | person_outline Rob Fenn
I heard back from Paul. AUv3 is definitely not going to happen, but he's open to AB/IAA in the future.
I freaking love this app! I just posted a demo for the fun as I'm just learning how to use it. I just need midi clock or a way to record but actually this app REALLY deserves more. I don't think he knows how sick this is! Lets play a friendly coup and rally to get this at least some features. Its unique for an tribe type thing on FM crack you know, I'll take any hit I can!
Also I wonder why the app developer would say no to auv3? Its clearly the best thing going now. I mean if its a huge hassle maybe he could hand it off as I did note his other apps falling by the wayside and its so sad. He makes great stuff and didn't he do synth drum kick which was auv3? Cheers

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