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Fugue Machine Universal AUv3 Update

Fugue Machine, from Alexandernaut, gains iPhone and AUv3 MIDI support in a huge unexpected update. According to the update notes, this update wasn't even expected by Alexander himself! The update also insures that it will display properly on new iPad Pros.

What's new in Fugue Machine v1.5.1:

iPhone support, AUv3 support, more scales, piano roll gesture improvements, and more! See below for more info...
// ==================================
Fugue Machine now works on iPhone!
Fugue Machine now includes an AUv3 MIDI App Extension! Open your favorite AUv3 MIDI Host and run as many Fugue Machines as you'd like!

The Scale parameter now includes Wholetone, Whole Half, Major Blues, Minor Blues, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Chromatic.

Fugue Machine now properly adapts to the size of the view it's in, with pixel-perfect detail for all devices.

// ==================================
The Piano Roll now responds significantly better to gestures. Most noticeably with one-finger note-panning, one-finger note-length changes, and one-finger pan-right note creation.

You can now copy/paste Fugue Machine patterns. This works within the standalone app, between the standalone app and AUv3 instances, between AUv3 instances, and between devices. To copy/paste in the standalone app, go to More Menu > Patterns, and long-press on any pattern. To copy/paste in an AUv3, go to the More Menu, scroll to the bottom, and use the copy/paste buttons.

When moving notes in the Piano Roll, the Keyboard View and Overview View now show the same notes moving in real time. This is useful while moving notes beyond the visible boundary of the Piano Roll.

The View Braces (located in Keyboard View and Overview View) can now have each side moved independently, making it much easier to navigate/zoom the Piano Roll.

Until now, when you'd perform a gesture on the Piano Roll and move beyond its boundary, the Piano Roll would automatically scroll in the direction of your fingers. No more! Much more usable now I think. However, if you enjoyed this feature, you can reenable it in Settings.

// ==================================
To be honest, most of this update was unexpected! About a month ago, I decided to venture out on a small FM update to take a break from my main project (a new app I've been working on for over 2.5 years!). My only intention was to update the UI to accommodate the new iPads — more specifically, to handle the Home Indicator and the new aspect-ratio of the 11" iPad.

Regarding the new aspect-ratio, I realized that the best way to handle it was to completely refactor the UI to handle any aspect-ratio. This was tedious, but eventually led to the idea of supporting iPhone and AUv3, which, after the UI refactor, was surprisingly trivial! The refactor also led to allowing scales of various sizes (making chromatic possible, finally!). Lastly, supporting iPhone meant supporting smaller screens, which inspired most of the usability improvements.

Regarding the Home Indicator, the best way I found to handle that was to just make it go away completely! And the only way to do that is with Guided Access. Not only does Guided Access remove the Home Indicator, but as you may know (I had no idea!), it also disables all other OS edge gestures, essentially isolating your app from the OS. So no more accidentally swiping the control center or notifications! For me, for the way I use iOS to make music (one app per iPad), this is the absolute ideal configuration.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the update, it was a blast to work on :]

All the best,

/ I'm hoping to post some mini tutorial videos on my new Fugue Machine accounts. If interested...
@fugue_machine on Instagram
@FugueMachine on Twitter

DJ Puzzle used the new update on a mellow tune. Here's a brief overview from developer Alexandernaut.

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Good stuff
[Tim Edit: Nope.]
March 26, 2019  | person Matt
[Tim Edit: Nope.]
[Tim Edit: Nope.]
March 26, 2019  | person Matt
My jaw just hit the floor! My favorite app is an AUV3 plugin! Made my freaking day, except now I'm going to need a better iPad to run all those instances!
March 26, 2019  | person_outline KT
@Matt: & @Erik: That wasn't appropriate from either one of you. Don't be shitty to people I feature here. They're giving you hours of free content. Take it or leave it. And when someone is being shitty to people I feature here, that is not a license to start trolling them back.

Please just use the report feature when you see that. There is even an option there for that specific case.
Hey thanks for the update, Alexander:)
(Cool guy in my book too btw) ;)
March 26, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
Ok Tim, I will take it on me. After all you are the webmaster here.
I don't like Doug's videos but my first remark was not appropriate here.
I follow Discchord since its debuts and even if I am not active in the comment section, I just hope that you don't ban/ erase comments at the first unpleasant words written. It would be very frustrating that the only comments fostered here are the "Awesome" or "Super cool" ones.
March 26, 2019  | person Matt
You’re right I will report next time. I’ll keep such remarks to myself then. Plenty of room to show critisism without being hurtful or trolling.
I dont know what happened, but, I didnt watch this video(sorry)
I rarely watch other videos of self promotion or this or that promotion- or going through all the presets..(when i do watch, going through some presets is ok to show some of the power under the hood) - that being said- i dont watch many because i really enjoy jumping into the cool water myself and finding out/hearing the stuff for the first time for myself- getting inspired right then and there..It is more exciting and interesting for me... - some videos can be extremely inspiring too mind you and some i click on amd instantly its.. Meh... its all on a 1:1 basis- I can't throw everybody into the same pot... To some the process comes easy and to some, they put their all into it and it still sucks(subjectivly speaking) its all about what kind of perception you have and what inspires you or not.. Some people like country music, some like techno- but we all agree that music rocks:p - But that is my personal preference... All i do is music/audio stuff... I guess its also about finding balance between ones own music and other peoples... A balance between holding on and letting go... I can listen to great music non-stop.. But when someone is actively pushing it, it feels like an "americas got talent" competition - of amateurs mind you..lol... There is a right time for everything... Think of it like someone wanting you to look at pictures on their cellphones, but you are on a totally different vibe at that time... Just kinda annoying then.. But maybe a few days later you see the pic when it is your time for you to see the pic and you are like : oh cool:) its all timing of the soul...
Aaaanyways... I must hush up now.. It all just an homage to real music in my eyes... Thank you for the music:) Enjoy your journeys.
Stay strong and rock on!:) you are all loved.
March 27, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
On March 26, 2019 - @Matt said:
I follow Discchord since its debuts and even if I am not active in the comment section, I just hope that you don't ban/ erase comments at the first unpleasant words written. It would be very frustrating that the only comments fostered here are the "Awesome" or "Super cool" ones.
It is fortunately very rare for me to have to remove any comments here, for any reason. I hate censorship. I don't want to practice it. But I will to maintain civility between people here, and respect for the community at large. Otherwise we run the risk of going in the other extreme, with the only negative comments. Negativity breeds negativity.

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