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MIDISynth Control Update

MIDISynth Control, from Lee Huddleston, got a major update today adding Ableton Link support and customizable user layouts. The update also includes one of the most objectionable IAPs I've seen in a while.

A new $6 IAP called Link+ lets you use Ableton Link to sync up 6 other devices connected via USB. That seems pretty shitty to me. Ableton offers the Link SDK for free to developers, so what the fuck is Lee doing? Turning around and charging users for implementing Ableton's free code; albeit elaborately.

This upsets me philosophically. Like people who take GPL licensed (open-source) code and then try to profit off of it. That's worse than piracy, it's privateering.

What's new in MIDISynth Control v1.0.6:

Added Ableton Link support - this allows on-board sequencers to be synced to an Ableton Link session and can also be used for syncing LFOs/Arps etc to a tempo.
Functionality is provided for all purchased modules and there is also a Link+ IAP allowing syncing of up to 6 other USB devices (no other purchases necessary).

Added User Layouts. Each module comes with a single user layout - this can be expanded to 6 layouts with the purchase of the Performance IAP.
Each user layout can be configured to be 2x2 up to 8x8 (5x4 for a phone)

Added global view mode - If you have purchased more than 1 module then mixer, keys and drums buttons will appear on the main selection screen if there are 2 or more mixers, keyboards or drumpads in the modules. This allows fast switching between the screens without needing to dive into the individual modules.

Added chord mode to keyboard view.

Added support to support OS 1.8 change of configurable MIDI channels
Fixed potential issue when uploading a patch

Reader Comments 4

Hi, never really intended to piss anyone off - I've still had to develop all the MIDI clock code to drive the synths - this is an optional extra - all built in modules are supported directly.

Just trying to find other ways of sourcing income to continue development - developing apps that require hardware obviously has a very small potential market, combine that with Apple's ludicrous take and you end up in my position.

As far as I'm aware I've not broken any usage policy, but I will verify with Ableton and obviously withdraw if I have.
March 21, 2019  | touch_app leehu
Prop to Leehu.
He is just trying to find a way to sustain. This AppStore is a real shark den for developpers who are almost turned to non-profit organizations.
March 21, 2019  | person Matt
It is tough for developers, especially those with a niche app.

I can understand them trying to squeeze a few more bucks from their user base (who get upgrades for free).
March 21, 2019  | person_outline Simon
Lots of GPLed code is used for commercial products. Android, for instance, as well as various SOHO routers and other small appliances. Then there's the even more permissive BSD license, which Apple happily took advantage of to make OSX and iOS (Mach + FreeBSD), and some versions of Airport routers run OpenBSD. The licenses were written to permit reuse.
March 22, 2019  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut

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