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haQ attaQ: Gaz & Jakob Demand Apple Listen to iOS Musicians

Jakob Haq ran into Gaz Williams at the Thomann Synth Reactor event last week. There Gaz taught Jakob some British slang, and they collectively bitch about Apple's design choices in an epic rant duet.

Video Description:

Me and Gaz Williams demands that Apple listen to us musicians and iOS music producers. Join us as we are discussing Apple “clag-nuts”, connectivity issues, iPad Pro 2018 latency bugs, Loopy keyboard integration and more. Ever wondered why SAMPLR isn’t getting any updates? Well Gaz has an answer for you. Check it out!

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Legendary Superstar.....awesome
March 20, 2019  | person Redoom
I gotta say, it was very enjoyable, and almost therapeutic to hear them gripe about various Apple things.
By the way how to cope with the new Ipad pro USB-C port?
Some Belkin adapters do exist for lightning ports such as: lightning to 3,5mm TRS + lightning for powering purposes. Or lightning to 2 x lightning for powering and listening with the new apple earbuds.

If I want to plug jack earphones and charge the new iPad Pro, tell me if I am wrong, I’ll have to:
Buy apple USB-c to USB type A + USB-c adapter, plug the power cordon into the USB-c port of the adapter, buy and plug a small audio interface (such as the Dragonfly) into the USB type A port and finally plug my earphones’ jack into the interface? It’s totally ludicrous.

This plus the fact that I buy audio apps since 2012 who regularly disappear from the store (a good example are the Strange Agency apps), so that I am not able to restore them on a new iPad, I must admit that I am close to give up music production on a iPad and going back to an old good desktop DAW.

Thank you for your position, since I am not totally sure of my assertions.
March 21, 2019  | person Matt
All true.I told myself to keep ipkg backups on my mac, via iTunes, but I don't. I do however wait at least six months to upgrade iOS and entirely skipped 11.

I don't know who Apple's products are for anymore. Clagnuts everywhere...
March 22, 2019  | person Okeribok
Thanks for the warning on the newest Ipad Pro. I’ve almost been seduced by the huge power, but if the latency sucks and audio has distortion with any load, who cares what power lurks? I’ve loved Apple products as much as anyone, but they do seem to be missing the boat on products for the people who would actually want to use the power they theoretically provide.

I spent the most I’ve ever spent on a computer to get the most recent version of Macbook Pro with six core processor, 32gb of ram, etc.. The thing went totally dead on me and I had to send it in for repair. Diagnosis? An internal cable came off? Seriously? I’ve had 7 or 8 Macbook Pros that I took apart, changed HDD, added ram to and put back together. None of them had a cable failure even with all that messing around. WTF Apple? I spend almost 5k on the laptop. Still waiting for an upgradeable Mac Pro. Supposedly coming. Maybe March 25th. Doubt it though.

Thanks for the rant. It’s nice to see someone other than me ranting about this kind of thing.
PS Thanks for the comments about keyboard. That was instructive. I have a Logitech case for my previous generation Ipad which I totally love. The case completely protects the Ipad and the keyboard attaches magnetically, powering off the Ipad. The keyboard detaches so you’d don’t have to have it on and the stand mechanism allows you to orient the Ipad horizontally or vertically. Can’t have keyboard attached vertically (guess you can, but it makes no sense), but otherwise, the best case I’ve ever had and I’ve had a bunch of Ipads and cases.

In their infinite wisdom, Apple moved where the magnetic connector hooks up to Ipad and Logitech still hasn’t brought out a similar case for the latest Ipads. That’s the biggest thing that held me off from buying the new Ipad, but now, hearing about the other problems, I’ll watch it all from the sidelines.
The YouTube video with Gaz and Jacob shows an article in Cult of Mac which talks about the audio problems with the new 2018 USB-c iPad PROs. Here's a link to that article:


It says Apple was made aware of the problem and started working on a fix. DOES ANYBODY FOLLOWING DISCCHORD KNOW IF APPLE ACTUALLY SOLVED THIS PROBLEM? Or are the USB-c iPads still useless crap for iOS music production?

Also, does anyone know if the same latency and audio distortion problems were found in the newest A12 bionic chip cpu iPhones? I ask because the new iPad MINI version 5 uses the same chip, and I am planning to get the MINI-5 instead of an iPad USB-c to upgrade my slow but trusted iPad 3 (with Samsung A5 cpu).

The MINI-5 may be less powerful, but it's compact and more portable, and still has a LIGHTNING and 3.5 headphone connector.
March 25, 2019  | person synfiniti

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