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WARBL Configuration Tool by Michael Eskin

Developer Michael Eskin has worked on a lot of wind instrument apps over the years. He was tapped to create the official configuration tool for the upcoming WARBL open-hardware MIDI flute. Judging by this app it looks to be a very capable instrument.

The WARBL will become available sometime this Spring, though the price has yet to be announced.

WARBL Configuration Tool iTunes Description:

WARBL is a plug-and-play USB MIDI wind controller that allows the traditional musician to practice with headphones using familiar playing techniques. Designed to simulate a variety of open-tonehole wind instruments such as tin whistles, flutes, and bagpipes, WARBL has optical sensors and real toneholes for continuous finger sensing and realistic feel. An air-pressure sensor allows playing with breath or a bagpipe bag.

WARBL does not produce any sound on its own. It is designed to control hardware MIDI sound modules or MIDI sound module apps running on an iOS device, for example AppCordions "Celtic Sounds" or Roland Sound Canvas.

The WARBL Configuration Tool allows complete control over the air pressure sensitivity, vibrato/pitch bend, expression, and many other settings. You may adjust and save settings to design the instrument of your choice.

The WARBL supports saving three preset instrument configurations, for example, Whistle, Uilleann Pipes, and Great Highland Bagpipes. The buttons on the back of the WARBL may be programmed to switch between the instrument preset configurations, change the octave, send MIDI messages, and many other options.

To use, just plug in your WARBL to an Apple USB Camera Adapter connected to the Lightning port on your device, run the app, touch "Connect WARBL and Touch Here to Connect" and begin configuring your WARBL.

When connected, the status at the top of the page will show "WARBL Connected" and the tone hole status display at the bottom of the page will show when you cover the holes, lighting them up in blue.

Touch the yellow “info” buttons for instructions on using each section of the Configuration Tool.

Here's a demo from the WARBL YouTube channel using the app to calibrate the tone holes to your hands. There is also a short performance on the WARBL with Michael Eskin's Celtic Sounds MIDI Module app.

Reader Comments 7

Glad to see the WARBL getting some exposure here. I'm beta testing an older prototype with the hardware developer Andrew Mowry with an eye (ear?) towards use as a breath controller ala EWI, WX5, etc. and I can say that it has GREAT promise in that regard. I can't say much more now but it is working really well hooked up to my 2017 iPad and the Thor app. Stay tuned !
March 19, 2019  | person jimhanks
What the Elody could've (also) been. Nik missed the boat.
March 20, 2019  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut
On March 20, 2019 - @Blaaaaarghonaut said:
What the Elody could've (also) been. Nik missed the boat.
Well, the Elody is an (insanely expensive) acoustic recorder that can be plugged in. This is pure MIDI in a whistle form factor. The Sylphyo is probably the closest thing to a "MIDI recorder" right now.
March 20, 2019  | person jimhanks
Hi folks, thanks for the interest in WARBL! I also just posted an introductory video that demonstrates many of its features:

March 21, 2019  | person amowry
On March 20, 2019 - @jimhanks said:
Well, the Elody is an (insanely expensive) acoustic recorder that can be plugged in.
Yeah, it's just a fancy-airbrushed flute with a pickup, which is kinda the problem. Nik was trying to make recorders "cool" and apparently decided adding a pickup would make 'em rock-n-roll. But by the time you've mangled their sound into something which might work in something more hardcore than Tolkien hippy stoner ballads you might as well have simply used a synth. The pickup's a fine idea and all, and Mollenauer makes good products so I'm sure it plays well, the Elody was just off the mark for its intentions. Or maybe it's just me.

And neat, hadn't heard of the Sylphyo before, just the Akai Wind Controllers.
March 22, 2019  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut
Andrew is now delivering the second batch of WARBLs!
May 26, 2019  | person_outline Michael Eskin
@Michael Eskin: Good news. BTW, if you make an account your comments won't go into moderation when you come to the site from a new IP. I'll also give you developer flair, to help distinguish your comments.

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