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DrumPerfect Pro 3.0 Update

DrumPerfect Pro got a major upgrade! You can now load up a simplified "DrumPerfect Pro Song Player" as an AUv3 instrument. From there you can select your preset and just hit play in the AUv3 host for an instant custom backing track. The update also includes a lot of other features and the base app is on sale for $14!

What's new in DrumPerfect Pro v3.0:

AUv3 player:
- brand new AUv3-compatible DPP song player with user preset list ( best for live performance )

Sample groups:
- up to 10 sample groups per instrument, allowing up to 160 articulations per kit
- up to 8 velocity levels per sample group

Real time processing Layers:
- extended to 2 drum stroke layers in pattern
- 2 layers in pattern for real-time sustain control per sample group
- 2 layers in pattern for real-time pitch control per sample group
- 1 layer for in-pattern tempo variation

New editing functions:
- JAM! dynamics with 3 programmable levels, 20 rules per level, assignable to sample groups
- cross-instrument, cross-layer, multi-instrument and multi-layer drum stroke editing
- play looped selection in pattern 
- user-defined humanise settings

Song automation:
- tempo and JAM! automation in Song mode
- seamless tempo control in Song mode

- support for Files app ( import/export patterns, songs, kits, etc... )
- longpress Save/Load to save to/load from external location

- improved midi-in clock sync
- simplified import of midi files
- Ableton Link 2 with start/stop control
- latest Audiobus API

New packs:
- all purpose General Midi pack in store ( free )
- brand new brushes pack Brazilian Rhythms Vol2 in store

 - completely redesigned Grid view commands
 - auto reordering of patterns in song patbank ( Pack song )
 - kit volume boosted
- many other improvements and bug fixes

The official DrumPerfect Pro YouTube channel posted a short demo of the new AUv3 song player

Reader Comments 3

In many ways, DrumPerfect is the best drum machine app there is. The three biggies are great freedom of rhythm composition, great freedom of tempo, and unique rules for hit randomizing.

It's great to see 8 velocity levels with this app. Previously, you could velocity switch between two samples, but there were more options for switching hands and alternative strikes. This always seemed like a weird priority. It sounds like they have addressed that very nicely. I think 8 velocity levels is the exact right number.

I don't understand some of the items in the new features lists. But all the real-time layer processing and editing sound promising and impressive.

The workflow of the app has been a bit cumbersome compared to things like DM1/DM2. The Lum Beat apps get you a very realistic grooves-with-fills energy. That said, DrumPerfect Pro is incredibly flexible, and more powerful, just a little more tedious to create on.

I'll dive into the update and see if there are any significant improvements to workflow.
Arrg this app is such a tease, ive lost countless hours and weekends trying to get my head around its interface, writing notes about it and trying desperatley to use it as an ingredient its even got me deleting the app and frisbeeing the ipad before, and now they have lured me back in with v3.0

Well ive got to admit, i like the improvements, but i still cant get out of it what i know its capable of, spent the last couple of evenings with my coco trying to create rising flams and fills and stuff like that and its so fiddly, its annoying.

That said as a sound module driven by rockdm or softdrummer its pretty decent.
I do very little daw stuff, always building a song up live and recording, i trigger the drum midi using foot pedals. Which i dont think it can do. Shame though i want to master it and get the most out of the jamming stuff, am i the only one whose struggling with it?
March 19, 2019  | person Beehaus

I'm sorry to hear that. I was hoping it would evolve into something that was easier to build with.

The sounds are good. The options are over-the-moon good, but yea, it was always fiddly. It's a little disappointing that is still the case. Some apps just feel like you're building a ship in a bottle. This is one of them.

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