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Rock Drum Machine Update

Rock Drum Machine, from Lumbeat, was updated with a new 4 Board Mode. This feature lets you add some variation to your performance via simple MIDI commands. It is specifically designed with the iRig Blueboard in mind, but can be used with anything that sends MIDI.

What's new in Rock Drum Machine v5.22:

- iCloud Backups
- New 4 Board Mode for Live Pads
- BPM option for Live Pad Sets
- MIDI Jam Intensity Control CC#1
- Double / Half Groove buttons
- Fixed LivePad version issues

A demo of the 4 Board Mode was posted to the official LumBeat YouTube channel.

Reader Comments 7

Pls, dear lumbeat ...

Your apps are really nice.. Do not "specifically design" stuff for IK hardware in your apps... It lowers the value of Lumbeat in my eyes... (How much are they paying you to do this app-invasive "promo"?)
March 14, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
This goes for other software too btw...

Do not degrade yourselves with "endorsements" just to push a product.. It makes you look cheap...
(Another example is softube modular being infested with rolli modules and presets that you can only use if you own the hardware... - everytime you want to add a module that you paid for, you have to look at third party "promo" pushing you to get the hardware or always look at unuseable modules bloating the software you paid for)..

No offense again... Softube is great, rolli is great... - conspiring together (and quasi infesting the software you already have and love) to push product is being a dick...
March 14, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
I don't mind if they add some hardware semi-specific functionality-- and it if they get some extra skrill, I guess that's ok. Considering that this functionality includes responding to simple MIDI CC's I think that part is fine. However, if they are adding promos into the splash screen (are they?) or IK promos into the GUI, that would bug me.

For a long time, I had a negative opinion about Lum Beat because of their abandonware on android and their lack of support. I sort of came around because the iOS apps are pretty great (with the exception of that bass thing which fell short, IMHO).

On a side note, I wish their song mode included a tempo setting for each pattern entry.
yeah, I am all for more power to everybody... - but the good kind;)

I was thinking about the bass thing from time to time actually... haven't tried it yet because of.. reasons...

since i value your opinion - whats your grip with it if you dont mind me asking? ;)
March 16, 2019  | person_outline Spaced Invader
Nevermind then...
March 19, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
@Spaced invader

Sorry, yea, just noticed this post.

The thing that bugged me about the bass thing was that the samples had weird attacks and releases. It just sounded like the work they did on the sound part of it was sloppy and they didn't have a bass player listen to tell them how to make it better.

It's possible they could improve it, but it would probably require things in the sound engine like velocity layers, a good way to manage durations (it may have that, I don't know), and a better way for the sound engine to deal with releases.

The drum apps are so good-- not life-like, but passable and fun. The bass thing just sounds dumb.
Thanks for the insight=)
March 20, 2019  | person_outline Spaced Invader

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