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Let's Play with NanoStudio 2 Obsidian

New Let's Play yadda yadda... Holy shit I have so many Patrons to thank! As of this morning there are 98 patrons spread across the Per Video Patreon, Per Month Patreon, and now Timmeon. I've had to write a little program just to keep track and make sure I thank everyone in the video credits! Seriously, thank you all!

Video Description:

Now that I've finished http://AppKaiju.com I'm getting back into the swing of things here! To start off this new year of Let's Plays I'm looking at one of the biggest new apps, NanoStudio 2. Specifically I'm focusing on Obsidian, the built-in synth you get with NanoStudio 2.

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Reader Comments 2

I really been using NS2 a lot, i find it really suited well for composition with synths, obsidian and i like how it attempts to give all the auv3s the same ui and colors.

I miss the beat roll, unless i just havent found it. I like the ui and the general love he put into this app.

I also like how you can assign midi to where each instrument can be controlled by a different controller, its rather simple and quick to access, there is no menu diving on this app, everythings well within reach. With this and now the new gadget update, we just about got spoiled, this is well beyond what anyone would ever need to make anything musical of any genre. Well off i go for a sat night jam!
March 02, 2019  | person_outline Ian
Its really really good on the battery compared to BM3 anything would be i think, i dont have numbers but it sure feels like its lasting a long while more. I wonder if this is actual n factual or just the thc...
March 02, 2019  | person_outline Ian

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