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While My Guitar Gently Weeps on iPhone SE

Dan Baker set out to hurt his old iPhone SE by recording 32 tracks of audio into GarageBand. Surprisingly the smallest iPhone survived! Dan did a video detailing his process, and embedded here is the performance.

Video Description:

32 tracks of audio and plugins WILL work on an iPhone SE, the base model of the Apple phone. It’s a 32GB model running its original iOS (11), and it didn’t even break a sweat with what I asked it to do!

Here is recorded a version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, recording audio only – around 1GB of data for it to handle, in addition to plugins on every channel. No GarageBand sounds/instruments used here. The mic for everything was the Zoom iQ6, with the iRig stomp for all guitar/bass/pedal steel/electronic keyboard parts.

Mastered using "Final Touch" for iOS.

Track list:

Stereo drums
Two acoustic guitars
Electric Guitar – one lead, three supporting parts
Pedal Steel Guitar
Stereo Piano
Yamaha YC-45d keyboard
Three main backing vocals
Four extra vocal parts (texture)
Nine violin parts (three harmonies, three parts each)
Three flute parts

That’s thirty-two tracks altogether….

There will be a tutorial – I made one as I went, but at five hours’ long, I’m going to do a short version!

Enjoy and Share!

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Reader Comments 2

This is a great cover! And it's refreshing to have a track where audio is the focus, not that there's anything wrong with virtual instruments. But it goes to show just how efficient audio is versus CPU hungry synths and effects. It is inspiring me to concentrate on using real physical instruments (you know; like they did in the old days haha) and investing a small amount of money into a nice mic/pre.

Mic'ing up instruments seems to be less popular these days but it always produces more unique and 'real' sounds. Considering the results Dan has obtained in this track, I'll be checking out his tutorial. The Zoom mic actually sounds pretty decent! I can only imagine a combination of a Neumann condenser, a Neve style preamp, quality converter (Apogee, Audient etc) and Auria/Cubasis with some of iOS 'boutique' effects like FabFilter, DDMF, Klevgrand etc might yield almost pro studio quality provided a nice room and tuned instruments are used in conjunction with good performance.

Inspired much? Yes - I very much am!!!
February 09, 2019  | person Jacuzzi Light
Nice 1 m8, thx for sharing:)

Fyi -> the Iphone SE has more single cpu power than and close to the same multicore cpu power as the ipad air2...;)
(I think that third cpu on the air2 is only for gfx)
February 10, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader

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