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Sopranotron 2 by Omenie Limited

Omenie Limited released Sopranotron 2 after removing the original 2014 Sopranotron from iTunes. I'm not sure what is new here, but this one is Universal while the former app was only available on iPad.

Like their recently released Streetlytron, there will be a high-end "Pro" version at some point in the future. Doug Woods mentions in his video below that the Pro version will include the samples from both Sopranotron 2 and Streetlytron in a single app.

Sopranotron 2 iTunes Description:

Why a standalone app featuring just Soprano voices and violins? The most popular categories of mellotron voices are strings and choirs. So with that in mind we have turned our brand-new Mellotronics virtual tape replay engine into an instrument of pure voice plus pure violin. Caitlin Downie’s gorgeous soprano vocal samples, 11 individual sample sets and 4 mixes, are bundled with our popular "Clare Lindley Violin Collection" of 7 individual articulations and 3 mixes. 25 gorgeous samples to add quality and class to any mix.

And the quality really is glorious - it’s like somebody took all your favourite mellotron voices and waved a magic wand to eliminate the tape hiss. Not as instantly 'vintage' and nostalgic as our Streetlytron family, these samples are nonetheless very special, and give musicians and producers an extra, vibrant palette of vocal and chamber string colours to deploy. These sounds are equally capable of standing proud and upfront in a mix, or sitting back to form a haunting, romantic string or vocal bed.

Orirginally recorded and engineered by Glenn Tommey in Bath in 2013, these samples have been cleaned up and reworked for this new incarnation, and these are the highest quality versions of these libraries ever released.

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off the new app, which does sound very good!

Reader Comments 4

I dunno. Sounds more like a keyboard to me than a choir. Pass.
February 08, 2019  | person burnalot
Agree with burnalot, this just sounds like a synth. I kinda always thought the Mellotron sounded like garbage as well tbh. It’s an instrument from before they figured out electronic instruments... How this thing is still relevant is 100% baffling to me. If I was to guess, 95% of remaining mellotrons, new and old, are owned by the Beatles fans who can’t play keys. It’s like using a Fairlight instead of a modern day computer.. Very odd.

Old analog synths will sound good forever. Polyphonic tape decks? Not as much... But hey, to each their own.
February 11, 2019  | person_outline Datruth
I think the point of these kinds of sounds is that they aren't meant to sound "perfect". There are VERY big sample libraries to accomplish these things.

Each type of sound productions produces its own character. With the original tron samples, we just have associations with old "hits" and for that reason the sounds are evocative of a time & place.

The tron character is just a particular kind of "lo-fi". Odd attack, weird tape grit & noise, weird wow & flutter, etc. etc. It sounds nicer than a ROMpler with only a couple samples.

They did it right. They hired a great singer and made really "character rich" samples. Though some seem a bit weird (the pitch LFO is goofy on some of the examples).

The Mellotron character is a worthwhile sound to exploit for its cultural associations. The hardware Mellotron is an oddity that I wouldn't want to be bothered with. Give me a great workstation with lots of sample RAM, and I'll use tron samples when I want that effect.

I sure love that singer's voice.
February 11, 2019  | favorite_border stub
Whatever the ideological issues might be, this app sounds beautiful. That makes it still relevant.
February 11, 2019  | person_outline Simon

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