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SynthJacker by Conifer Productions Oy

Conifer Productions Oy released SynthJacker as a way to easily sample hardware synths to create SoundFonts. This includes samples with different notes and velocities. It's a surprisingly clever little app. There's even a demo video below to show it in action.

If, like me, you're curious about the Oy at the end of the company name; it is short for Osakeyhtiö. This is the Finnish equivalent to LLC or GmbH, which just means a limited corporation. My dog walking business was an LLC, so people couldn't sue me personally if something happened to their dog!

SynthJacker iTunes Description:

SynthJacker automatically plays back a MIDI sequence with the notes and velocities you specify, and records the result. It then slices the audio into individual samples, ready to import into an iOS sampler app.

SynthJacker also writes an SFZ file with sample information as regions and their root keys. You will find the results in the iOS Files app, in the SynthJacker folder.

SynthJacker automatically names the resulting sample files with note and velocity information, so that they can easily be automapped by a sampler app.

SynthJacker lets you save presets of your sampling sessions, including the note range, velocities, and note durations.

Reader Comments 17

Oy vey!
On January 14, 2019 - @Enkerli said:
Oy vey!

That's what I was thinking too! I was half expecting to find it was the Yiddish version of LLC.
Realllly realllly cool! This might be really nice!
January 14, 2019  | person_outline Ian
Any notion if this will work on internal iOS synths as well as hardware units?
January 14, 2019  | favorite_border Laarz
What do we do with the samples when it’s done? What app will import these?
I bought Apple Mainstage to do this.
January 15, 2019  | person_outline El Jeffe
Hello, developer here -- thanks for the writeup, Tim! Just a couple of points to clear things up:

- Right now SynthJacker is only for hardware MIDI synths, although if you can master a MIDI-over-WiFi session, you should be able to sample from whatever is at the other end -- I've sampled from a MacBook using an iRig HD.

- Inter-App Audio and/or AudioBus are the most requested features. I'm looking into them, but no timeline yet. But if they ever materialise, it will be a free update. Just get it, people, there's a launch sale with 50% off for this week only. :-)

- Currenly SynthJacker outputs an SFZ file, but not a SoundFont. But that could be arranged, and probably EXS too (it has been requested).

- Re: what to do with the samples -- import them into VirSyn AudioLayer or just about any iOS/macOS/Windows sampler. The sample file names have AudioLayer-compatible naming to make it really easy, and I hope the SFZ file helps.

January 15, 2019  | person_outline coniferprod
Hey Jere, that's great news about IAA/Audiobus! This is such a great idea for an app. It's one of those things that seems obvious once you see it, but absolutely no one else came up with it before.
@Jere - I bought your app but haven’t tried it yet. I thought it would allow me to build multi-samples in WAV format sampling from my hardware synths. Is my assumption correct?
@Frozen Lonesome: that is correct -- although the samples are AIFF not WAV, but you may want to post-process them anyway with an audio editor (Hokusai 2 is awesome on the iPad), so convert them if needed.
January 15, 2019  | person_outline coniferprod
- Inter-App Audio and/or AudioBus are the most requested features. I'm looking into them, but no timeline yet. But if they ever materialise, it will be a free update. Just get it, people, there's a launch sale with 50% off for this week only. :-)
Thanks for the feedback Jere, done as you requested.
January 15, 2019  | favorite_border Laarz
@coniferprod Perfect, thanks. I'm wanting to use the multi-samples in my Deluge which after the last firmware update supports AIFF so no need for conversion. Can't wait to give it a go.
First thought, interesting... Then I wondered...

What are these strange timing values?

What is 0.7 notelength? - or 1.2 decay?

- why not have 1/16 , 1/8 etcetc?

January 17, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
"What are these strange timing values?"

Glad you asked! They are simply values expressed in seconds. It takes a bit of trial and error to get them right, depending on the sound you are sampling.

Note length = the time the note is "held down"
Note decay = the time it takes for the note to fade into silence after the key is released
Note gap = how much time to wait until the next note is played, just to leave a little wiggle room

So the total duration for each note is length + decay + gap seconds. You can't really use 1/16, 1/8 etc. because their absolute durations are dependent on tempo, and in this case we're just playing the sounds as such, without regard to any tempo. Does that make sense?
January 17, 2019  | person_outline coniferprod
Ah, that sheds some light onto it now, thx:)

While note decay and gap make good sense in seconds/milliseconds,

-Would you consider adding a bpm selection w/ 1/16, 1/8 etc. for the note length value sometime in the future?

Thx and all the best:)
January 17, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader
Updated to support autosampling instrument Audio Units (AUv3).
March 30, 2019  | person_outline coniferprod
On March 30, 2019 - @coniferprod said:
Updated to support autosampling instrument Audio Units (AUv3).
Thanks for the update. I bought this early in support. Now I can makes samples easily from my created synth presets. It works pretty well, with only a few glitches once in a while. But I’m blaming that on the synths, because some are always temperamental. Now I can load up many more banks than what would normally crash BM3 if they were loaded as AUv3s
@coniferprod Just bought the app and after fiddling around for a while, does it not support multichannel audio interface? that's all I have and its very frustrating. I really wanted to use this app to create some instruments using my iCA4+ so I could seamless send audio and midi between my 2 iPads or MacBook.

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