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MIDI Recorder with E.Piano by Kira Q Tech

Kira Q Tech, developer of the popular KQ Dixie and KQ MiniSynth, released MIDI Recorder with E.Piano. With the app you can record a MIDI sequence as a MIDI file, and then play it back on any MIDI device. It also has it's own built-in FM synthesizer for FM Electric Piano timbres.

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano is completely free, and if you like it you can donate.

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano iTunes Description:

MIDI Recorder with E.Piano simply performs record/playback as you input MIDI signals.
When connecting an electric piano, organ, or keyboard to your iPhone/iPad, you can record the performance completely.
As a bonus, the app includes FM E.Piano sounds.
Also there is an on-screen keyboard, you can make a note of your idea anywhere.

- You can toggle kinds of signals to record.
- You can select MIDI channels.
- The app processes signals from all MIDI ports. You can not select ports.
- The app makes files of Standard MIDI File Format 0.
- iTunes File Sharing and iCloud are supported.

MIDI is a standard about controlling audio devices.
You can control musical instruments with separately sold MIDI adapter for iPhone/iPad.

The internal FM synthesizer processes only note on, note off, and sustain control, and ignores the others.

This app may sound even if the device is silent.

Reader Comments 4

I don’t wish to be rude but whoever is naming their apps should be uh.... gosh can the names get any more boring?
January 10, 2019  | person_outline Ian
If I’m understanding correctly, this device can record my synth jams. Itd be nice if it had the ability to mark regions or cause breaks , so when I’m jamming, if I have a happy accident there is some easy way to retrieve it from the huge recording , or mark the good spots. I often just play out a pattern or sweep that’s easy to find after spots I want to go back and extract later... if it’s audio I make a sound that’s easy to see on the wave...
January 10, 2019  | person_outline Ian
Interesting point about the name. The way app store discovery works in 2019, having simple, descriptive names might actually be an advantage. Who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
January 10, 2019  | touch_app analogmatt
This looks like it could be immensely useful. I've been wanting a MIDI recorder for iOS for ages.

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