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New Year's Predictions 2019

2018 was an alright year. It might not have been a spectacular year, but I think 2016 did an excellent job of lowering our expectations. I didn't have to eulogize David Bowie in 2018, so I'm counting it as a win.

For me personally it was a roller coaster... if there was a roller coaster where halfway through the ride Apple comes along to punch you in the dick. I seriously spent most of the year working on the new AppKaiju site, only to learn halfway through that all of my work was never going to pay off. And oh, yeah, discchord was also in jeopardy of becoming financially unsustainable.

At my lowest point in 2018 the community truly stepped up to help me keep this site alive. Thank you so much to every single person who has helped support the site! I am so deeply grateful. You empower me to continue to do what I love here, instead of moving on to some corporate gig. I'm not even sure I'd fit in, in a corporate environment anymore. I've been self-employed since my mid-20's. I'd probably seem feral in an office setting.

Before we look into the future to predict what 2019 holds, let's look back at our predictions for 2018.

Successful Predictions

Ion677 expected more goodies from Bram Bos in 2018 and was not disappointed, with Perforator and Kosmonaut both releasing in 2018.

Dendy successfully predicted a mobile Reason, though he probably feels that Reason Compact is a bit of a fail.

Enkerli took a shotgun approach to his predictions, missing on nearly all of them, but he hit a good one with "Devs will continue to push for subscription models. One of them might succeed." BLEASS has been trying very hard to be that first successful subscription music app, with amusing videos, and community engagement.

Jim Hanks made the most accurate NanoStudio 2 prediction ever. People have been making NanoStudio 2 predictions since I started doing these, but they've all fallen into the failed column. Jim expected we'd see NanoStudio finally release in 2018, and further predicted that it wouldn't have audio tracks by year's end.

Red Sky Lullaby successfully predicted that Bitcoin was going to lose a lot of people a lot of money in 2018. The crypo collapse has been so significant that Todd Smith, an ardent crypto enthusiast, changed his YouTube name from Blockchain Music to Todd Smith Music. I don't even want to know how much he lost this year.

Failed Predictions

Red Sky Lullaby was also trying to keep hope alive for a 2018 Samplr update, but the app remains untouched since 2014 so he gets a fail too. That's two years in a row on this one!

Erik thought I might finally buy a Mac in 2018. He was, and will continue to be, wrong about that. I'm not making that much money from the site that I can go blowing money on a Mac. I did get a new computer in 2018, but it was a self-built PC for about a third of the price of a similarly spec'd Mac.

Erik and TBIRD both thought we might see Ableton iOS, but Ableton remains puzzlingly absent.

Heretik7 got a whole lot of things wrong, including BM3 on iPhone; which was a common theme.

A bunch of folks were expecting Apple to release some of their Pro music apps on iOS, but Apple failed to deliver. Mainstage was mentioned a lot. While Apple didn't bring us Mainstage in 2018, we did get Camelot Pro.

What's Coming in 2019?

One of the most common predictions last year was that Apple would completely collapse, as they have in the past without Steve. They instead became a Trillion Dollar company, but along the way they've made a lot of decisions that have left people perplexed or flat-out angry.

This might be the opportunity Android needs to finally become a competitive alternative for music makers. In late 2018 Android got a low latency audio driver, and Audioroute as an Audiobus equivalent.

My 2019 prediction is once again the vain hope that Android Music Apps will finally be a thing!

Open Mic: New Year's Predictions for 2019!

In the comments here please share your predictions for what we'll see in 2019!

Reader Comments 18

Ha! Hilarious and sad. I predict support for multiple audio interfaces for new iPad Pros. Android will have a lot of catching up to do.
January 01, 2019  | person_outline Jason Donnelly
I am a terrible psychic! Lmao! Have a great and successful 2019 Tim!
January 01, 2019  | person Heretik7
Awesome. I'll make another NS2 prediction. We will see audio tracks in 2019 but not until December (and I really hope I'm wrong about the timing).
January 01, 2019  | person jimhanks
Happy new year!
I still want Tim to buy a mac, doesn’t have to be new, just to experience the integration of an iPad with Logic through IDAM.
iOS13 will be padOS for the iPad pro and it will bring a lot of changes for iPad musicians. Ableton will show of their padOS DAW software on stage when padOS is revealed. Nah, not really. Logic pro X for iPad pro will be revealed instead and it will have Ableton Link.
iPad pro will maybe be renamed to Apple Pad, will gain an extra usb c port and will be fitted with more RAM; 8 or even 16 gb.
Bram Bos will surprise us with a full blown AUv3 sequencer that will actually inspire and be useful at the same time. It will be grand.
And Roland will create an ultimate 303 iOS clone, with AUv3 of course.
Every single synth app coming out this year will have AUv3 capability as a matter of fact, because it is the way to go in 2019!
January 01, 2019  | favorite_border Erik
Cryptocurrency: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I’ve expected this to crash like the insane and unsustainable fad it was. It’s actually far worse than the stock market, which I already hate with a passion.

I predict that America’s laissez-faire pathological capitalism will cause another massive market crash within a few years (or a less slow but still dramatic downward spiral compared to what is going on right this moment). I predict it will utterly fail, but putting a time table on that is foolish, especially since the majority of Americans who have any influence are so BLIND in their worship of a system that clearly is more religion than functional practice. Eventually, if Americans aren’t ABSOLUTELY 100% FUCKING STUPID, the economic ideal will change to accommodate that very important element of maintaining civilization: FACTS AND REALITY. But don’t hold your breath; they can keep squeezing the shit out of us for decades to come before the populous rises up and eats the 1% (because that’s the extent it will have to be for change to happen).
January 01, 2019  | person dysamoria
Oh and PC building... I just spent the better part of two days looking at the costs, the [constantly contradictory] advice, the tech, etc etc... Just to discover that, as expected, it’s still a fucking pile of consumer abusive voodoo, which the “PC Master Race” geeks subscribe to exactly like religion.

I’m not saying Tim should get a Mac. It’s his choice what he wants to use. Just because I have spent the last three decades learning to hate Windows with the passion of a thousand exploding stars, if someone else is happy with it, all power to them.

Yes Macs are expensive as hell, and yes, their reliability has taken a shit with the pathological thinness obsession. I wouldn’t buy a compact Mac for heavy loads, after having a MacBook Pro 3,1 die from heavy use and the NVidia defect (never fixed, and I missed the opportunity to have a free motherboard replacement... with another that would also eventually fail for the same reason). This pisses me off because Apple doesn’t make anything else. Still, I’d rather risk it on used Macs than try to be productive on Windows/a PC. Luckily my music projects don’t run my 27” iMac 12,2 so heavily as to fear it burning out (it’s also not remotely as stupidly compact as current models).

But gaming.

Fucking SIGH. Gaming.

I refuse to even try the limited gaming possible on Macs (yes, with a Bootcamp partition of Windows; the only thing I will grudgingly use Windows for anymore) while Apple’s computers are apt to commit suicide from the heating and cooling of GPUs. It’ll be interesting to see if external GPUs make gaming easier for Mac users, seeing as Apple doesn’t do a damned thing otherwise to promote gaming on their platform, but I’m holding off for the next Mac Pro, if Apple doesn’t fuck that up again. (They can’t even figure out how to make Safari on iOS not absolutely suck with text boxes IN EVERY FUCKING WAY)

I’d rather buy a pre-built, warranty-covered gaming PC than build one of these fucking piles of many potential failure points. If they get a bad component or three, let THEM figure that out before it gets to me. If they screw it up, or something comes apart in shipping, let it be someone else’s issue to fix and not mine.

I HATE being a tech. It is something I did as a career and I have adulted my way out of it for myself. I cannot justify the headache and PITA-factor of PC building. I already hate life enough to deal with that shit on top of everything else.

But I’m poor, so I keep struggling to figure out cheaper options and do shit myself. I had to fix the used iMac I bought off eBay (the guy who re-built it for the guy who sold it to me lost several LCD panel screws, two of which were stuck to the magnets; he also nicked the LCD, disconnected the hard drive fan, and ignored the “max fan speed” indicator that something was misconfigured, as is common with the 12,2 model when putting third-party hard drives into them). The design of the 12,2 iMac is FUCKING INSANE for servicing. Next time, I will pay someone else to deal with that bullshit, even though I’m POOR.

But gaming again. Sigh.

Pre-built PCs that aren’t shit are not inexpensive. Even compared to “similarly spec’d“ Macs. Every article I read about PC builds is out of date one month later and full of an irrational and utterly unconcerned rose-colored outlook on the experience, reliability, and the cost of building a PC. I swore I would never build another PC, and yet the toxic lure of “upgrade what you have” keeps teasing me because I’m fucking poor and am sick of not having access to modern games.

Yeah, consider me “triggered” by your PC building comment, Tim, ha ha ha...
January 01, 2019  | person dysamoria
(1) iOS 13 will completely fuck up all audio apps that are now working on iOS 12. It will require significant updates by those devs willing to play along. All other apps will be rendered useless. Korg will be among the first to announce that they will no longer support their legacy apps.

(2) An updated subscription-based GarageBand will be released with iOS 13 minus the Alchemy Synth module.

(3) Audiobus will be one of those that fall by the wayside since Michael Tyson will put all his efforts into Loopy Pro which will be released in December.

(4) Long-promised Audulus 4.0 will be 50% complete when iOS 13 comes out requiring Taylor Holliday to go back to the drawing board. We MIGHT see Audulus 4.0 in 2022.

(5) There will be a major breakthrough that significantly reduces bluetooth audio latency - absolutely necessary with the demise of the headphone jack on most mobile devices.

(6) Igor Vasiliev will release an AMAZING new 'Scaper app.
January 01, 2019  | person BDBaker1958
-Yeah, Android apps for music - few big companies (Korg, Moog, Propellerhead) will come up with big relases for android BUT it will be no success.

-More workflow improvements with connection between ios and Mac OS

-Big fight between KEW and GR16

-updates? For sure Audulus4, new moog synth, new sugarbytes synth, modstep2

completely new predictions: new sequencer which will be competitive to gadget and beathawk (they are not improving product - only sells spoundpacks), few completely new companies will go to ios market with lots of apps,
January 02, 2019  | person_outline Stan
My predictions for 2019...

Bram Bos will make more plugins.

Samplr will not receive an update.

NS2 won't have audio tracks (until 2020 Q4).

BM3 will have a big update near the end of Q3 but will introduce new bugs.
I think that in 2019, Wolfgan Palm will release a groovebox wavetable app in August, along with Korg/Detune's Otorii and Ebina gadgets and Korg's DW8000 iOS emukation, which will also have a Gadget. Korg apps still may not get AUv3 support yet though. I also expect at least one new synth for the Reason Compact app, and Thor will get AUv3.
January 02, 2019  | person_outline Jack Frosto
1. More Fabfilter AUv3s will be released, at least the compressor.

2. Apple will release iOS Logic.

3. Better quality iOS USB-C interfaces will be available.

4. Nano Studio 2 will gain audio tracks before spring.

5. Korg will make the Gadget apps and Module AUv3.

6. A nuclear bomb will explode somewhere inside the U.S., wiping out a large number of people.
January 02, 2019  | person pineal wave
1. korg will not make any of their apps auv3.
2. samplr will not receive an update.
3. Drambo will be the hit app of the year.
4. Klevgrand and Audio Damage will continue to dominate the Auv3 Fx realm.
5. Klevgrand will finally make Kuvert auv3.
6. Bram Bos will make the ultimate Auv3 drum machine in Ruismaker 2.
7. AUM will have a massive update that officially makes it the defacto audio unit host.
8. Seekbeats will get a sequel as well in AUv3 form.
9. I will download and delete Gadget somewhere between 20-30 times over the whole year, scoffing in disgust at the ridiculous amount of videogame synths.
10. Elastic Drums and FX will finally go auv3.
January 02, 2019  | person_outline flamp
Re: Ableton for iOS - ironic in light of this...

January 02, 2019  | person Nonny Moose
1. We will finally see an AUv3 for a non-free amp sim, mostly likely Yonac ToneStack through an IAP or Hotone VStomp as a way to differentiate itself.
2. Korg Gadget will add a synth drum module with six parts, a wavetable synth with several lfos, and an aggressive additive synth in collaboration with Nord, all as IAPs, and a simple ambient drone box and a string machine for free. However time stretch will still not be added to any sample based gadget.
3. JimAudio GR16 will implement audio out for individual tracks.
4. The Kymatica AUFX suite will become AUv3.
5. iOS modular possibilities will expand as AUM will implement the saving and loading of individual channels into projects as well as the merging of projects, ApeMatrix will become an AUv3 itself which will be able to be loaded into ApeMatrix and then allow projects to be loaded into the AUv3 instances, Bram Bos will release his own efficient modular platform where individual instrument, midifx, and audiofx strings can be saved, swapped and loaded, and which will also include a linear AUv3 sequencer.
6. Apple will drop production of all non pro model iPads, causing a dirge of new iOS music enthusiasts due to the high cost of buying into the ecosystem. This will see a fall off for financial support for iOS music apps, which, along with unnecessary changes in order for apps to support iOS 13, will cause some developers to question continuing efforts in updating and creation for the platform, and a higher number of apps will be seen as abandoned. This will also give developers an impetuous to begin to port for other platforms, most particularly Android, which will see those platforms become more serious competitors to Apple. This will also create an interest in “vintage” devices and apps in underground markets that will supply older jail broken devices with an older iOS loadable on demand as well as bootlegged older versions of apps, and also possibly apps developed just for this market.
7. Tim will get a Russian bot as a patron on Patreon which begin to post messages on the site in order to create contention among community members. Tim however will not censor the bot in a forward thinking, progressive attitude of not wanting to start a president of disenfranchising our new global AI citizens. And also for the artistic merit that robotized social engineering represents to our culture as a whole.
January 02, 2019  | favorite_border Laarz
Apple stock will plummet due to continuing legal issues, being caught in the tariff wars, and the U.S. economy taking a plunge.

In late 2019 we will begin to see new AUv3 apps based upon AudioKit. Overall music app sales will be sluggish due to market saturation despite the introduction of many new apps the segmentation into even more niche markets will grow.

The only new music creation apps to have widespread public success will focus on enhancing vocals with integrated video filters and a build your own accompaniment musical track much like build a bear.
January 03, 2019  | person PLU Collective
Audiokit Pro will announce an AUv3 version of D1… and release a series of new synths in the meantime, with patches from every sound designer whose name includes a ‘v’ or a ‘k’.
ROLI will come out with a new iOS app in partnership with some well-known pop artist who wishes apps didn’t exist.
I have looked into the Abyss of 2019 and I see many things....here are the relevant ones
-More MPE Apps and integration in existing apps and more MPE hardware
-Propellorhead expand the Reason thing and hopefully open up to consumers their ability to run any Reason Rack Extensions on iOS.
-Some new Bluetooth Midi controllers will appear
-iOS Music youtubers will multiply
-US government will reopen sometime in 2019, they will not impeach the MF
January 05, 2019  | person RedSkyLullaby
Happy new year everybody:)

Thx for everything:)
January 07, 2019  | person_outline Spaced invader

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