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NanoStudio 2 - Arriving December 7th!

Developer BlipInteractive has finally set a release date for NanoStudio 2! The original NanoStudio was essential in the early days of music apps on iOS. It was so powerful and easy to use that it is still fondly regarded 8 years later. The modern follow-up has been anxiously awaited for the last 4 of those years.

You can pre-order NanoStudio 2 today for $30, and it will be arriving in the App Store on Friday!

Reader tom_tm provided some additional information that the initial version of NanoStudio 2 will only work on devices down to iPad Air 1, due to unspecified Apple nonsense. They will continue to work on it to provide the iPad 4 support that was promised. iPhone support is expected in 2019. Given that NanoStudio 2 was initially slated for a 2015 release date, I feel these expectations should not be held very tightly.

Video Description:

Here's a little preview of NanoStudio 2, coming to iPad very soon. Click or tap on 'SHOW MORE' below for a more detailed description of the app's features and what's in store for the future.

NanoStudio 2 is a powerful music production environment for recording, synthesis, sampling, arranging, editing and mixing. It’s the successor to the original NanoStudio, an app held in high regard by musicians for many years for its usability, quality and productivity.
With six years development behind it, NanoStudio 2 builds upon the same design principles that made its predecessor so popular and then takes a quantum leap with a massive range of extra features and a new audio engine delivering truly professional sound quality. Everything is optimized for CPU efficiency, so complex projects with many instruments and effects are handled with ease.

This is a complete in-the-box solution to production, enabling you to develop your initial musical ideas right through to a final master with an intuitive workflow carefully designed to get things done.

NanoStudio 2 is a fully featured host for external Audio Unit (AUv3) instruments and audio/MIDI effects. A library of all your AU instruments and presets is maintained so they’re in one place – tagged, searchable and just as accessible as NanoStudio’s own internal instruments.
For composing and arranging there are powerful fully featured editors for songs, MIDI parts, automation and samples. All editors share a clean and consistent user interface which means you’ll be up to speed with them in no time.

Main features:

• Fully fledged song editor with tempo and time signature tracks, arbitrary track grouping/nesting, track lanes and no limit on the number of tracks in the song
• MIDI and automation editors
• A sample editor capable of efficiently handling audio files up to 2 hours long
• A mixer which also supports track grouping and nesting, unlimited insert effects, configurable audio and MIDI sends and pro-style latency compensation
• 11 built-in quality effects including reverb, sidechain compressor/expander, EQ with spectrum analysis, look-ahead limiter, delay, exciter, chorus, flanger and phaser.
• AUv3 audio or MIDI effects can be used in effect chains, just like internal effects
• Mixdowns up to 32 bit/96kHz and export file formats including wav, aiff, ogg and M4A
• Support for mixing down track stems in a single operation and/or just a region of the song
• Ableton Link support
• Sharing with the iOS Files app, Dropbox, AudioShare, iTunes File Sharing, AirDrop, email, and song import from your iTunes music library
• Built-in WebDAV server for full control and backup of your files
• 8 In-app purchase sound packs including multisampled acoustic instruments

Obsidian (synth):

• 3 oscillator 16 note polyphonic synth with stereo voices
• Each oscillator can use 7 different types of synthesis: Analogue, Wavetable, Phase Distortion, FM, Multi-Saw, Shaped Noise or Multisampled Zones
• An innovative spectral loop mode for samples
• 18 filter types including resonant analogue, clean digital, comb and formant
• Modulation provided by 5 envelopes, 5 LFOs and 10 macro controllers
• Effects chain with a reverb, delay and chorus/flanger/phaser
• 300+ Factory patches

Slate (advanced drum sampler):

• 32 pads with 4 internal effects busses and a final master output bus with limiter
• Each pad can use up to 3 split or layered samples and has its own filter, waveshaper, envelopes and voice grouping options
• 500+ factory samples ranging from multisampled acoustic drums through to cutting-edge electronic percussion and effects, arranged into 50 kits

Plans for 2019:

• Universal version (to add support for iPhone)
• Improved utilization of the iPad Pro's larger display
• A super-efficient convolution reverb
• Linear audio tracks in the song editor

Reader Comments 20

So excited for this!!
December 05, 2018  | person_outline Harison Zamperla
Harison Zamperla!!
You did make preset packs for ns1, are you gonna make them for 2 also??
This track I made was completely made with your presets :):)


Now I found out that I even can’t open nanostudio anymore because my iPad was accidentally updated:(
December 05, 2018  | person_outline Kees
Damn Kees, that groove is awesome. Love how slippery it feels!
Wow, @Kees... that tune was AWESOME. It has some kind of Royksopp feel mixed with an early Scissor Sisters groove. LOVE it. By the way, with Nanostudio 2 bringing true grouping and sends to the fore, I think a clear message is being sent to Cubasis to get its act together in that regard. I don’t want to fork out an extra $46 right now, but this is looking like a strong contender for best all round DAW at the moment.
December 05, 2018  | person Jacuzzi Light
I do have one criticism though; this DAW has been four-six years in the making, right? I’m no developer, but a project of this size seems to be a monumental effort. Why then, would you forgo the vitally important step of building up hype and excitement by putting out a number of well produced professional teaser videos where some of the most exciting features are demonstrated? It is a competitive landscape, with many great options for musicians who are moving to this platform. Especially now that the iPad Pros are being pushed even harder than ever by the lil fruiterer that could. We also live in an age where kids in school and college can whip up really high quality content on their lunch break, so finding someone to make a small series of 20 second promos with super high production value for a bargain price isn’t hard.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much from a marketing perspective, but while this whole debate around how ‘pro’ the iPad is vs should be rages, it is up to developers to prove that they ARE creating professional products by being a little less cowboy and a little more major league. That goes for creators too. Countless times people have asked for examples of those who are creating media on iOS at the highest level (“name someone famous”). The same small group get mentioned (and that group is SMALL). It’s not to say that people aren’t creating GREAT content, but it’s not reaching critical success/notoriety. The reason that people like Justin Henderson (Henny Tha Bizness) are finding real success with this platform is that the production value of their uploads is quality end to end. The video quality of his demonstrations, tutorials, or vlogs is far superior to many of his iOS contemporaries who create great music, but package and present it to the world in a poorly lit webcam demo. It’s like serving a Michelin Hat masterpiece meal in a takeaway container.

There are lessons to be learned. If you are in this iOS creative business, then it’s time to work out how to become a better business or get left behind. Henny watched himself a couple of Peter McKinnon videos and now his videos look pro because he learned what $30 worth of lamps and a tidy desk can do to the look and feel of his space. The result? An ever increasing base of people subscribing.

Don’t be good, be better.
December 05, 2018  | person Jacuzzi Light
@Jacuzzi Light: Thanks for mentioning Peter McKinnon. I was just thinking today that I've got to seriously step up my own game. Jakob is making my video efforts seem amateur now! I'm going to be watching some of Peter's videos for tips.
Final note; I’m aware of the irony of my little think piece rant, being that the actual video that Blip has put out is REALLY top notch. And I’m really impressed by the scale and scope of this upcoming DAW hybrid behemoth. Should be interesting to see what people make with it!
December 05, 2018  | person Jacuzzi Light
@Tim Webb - yeah it’s an exciting time for creatives in regards to free access to information and by proxy education. There’s never been a better time to access high performing affordable software which allows us to create virtually anything digitally, and 4K cameras on almost every smartphone. Yet somehow, the idea of searching YouTube for comprehensive and simple instructions on how to light a room for cheap, settings for Filmic Pro to use on your smartphone to get a good look (white balance, focus, exposure etc), what angles to film, good audio, how to edit etc etc) seems to evade interest or at least, doesn’t warrant enough importance to act on it.

Keep in mind, there is just SO much to learn, and not everyone has the time necessary. I just watched Jakob Haq’s Most recent video on AUM and Midi mapping. I know from watching that the amount of time it would take me to cut the footage together, and it’s a fair bit. I bet that he now has a bit of a workflow going where he is becoming more efficient (I believe he said of his Apple loves your money clip that it took him an astronomically long time...I wonder how long it would take him now?). He seems to be constantly improving so a huge congratulations to him.

With a bit of time watching some high quality tutorials, and using simple gear most of us already have, we could all improve our videos. Hell, we can improve anything in our lives, if we want to.
December 05, 2018  | person Jacuzzi Light
I HATE trailers that do this 80% black screen tease bullshit. I almost immediately stopped watching it a few flashes into it.

Otherwise, I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. I never bought or used the previous version (except for a quick play with the Windows or Mac(?) version), but I kept up with the forum to see the new version talked about over the years.

Is this going to be on desktop as well?
December 05, 2018  | person dysamoria
I have to say personally I usually prefer the more basic videos. I like how Doug, Tim and others get it done in one take. I like how Dean does it too, although he adds more with layovers and cuts, his tutorials get to the subject clearly and with a human touch. Too many cuts and cut aways is just not as interesting and doesn’t add anything for me. And all the effects are off the shelf cheesy to me, no matter how slick they look. For the dev promo, maybe that is good for their reputation, but for vloggers, I like to get to the info and see them work it on the spot, like a live musician would. I might be the minority, but I find too much production distracting, as quite often it doesn’t enhance the content given. So Tim, you don’t have to feel so left behind. I appreciate the performance over the production in most every case.
December 06, 2018  | favorite_border Laarz
Thanks Tim and Jacuzzi:)
December 06, 2018  | person_outline Kees
December 06, 2018  | person_outline Stan
I remember discovering Nanostudio in 2012 when I got my first ipad. It was a game-changing improvement from early garageband. The Eden synth was the first ios synth I fell in love with. Because Nano wasn’t compatible with later ios upgrades I don’t have nano on my ipad pro. I hope that synth is in the new one.
December 06, 2018  | person_outline claude
@ Jaccuzi Light: Matt was working 16 hour days and lots of all-nighters to get the app finished before launch. Aside from the risk of neglecting his family, he has not had time to do videos. Steve put together the Promo video and is working on Getting Started videos that should start coming out in the next day or two, with more to follow. I realize everyone wants it all: website, manual, videos, app, etc. but this is just a one-man developer. The videos couldn't really be shot until the end so that the video footage wasn't confusing with altering features, layout, etc. So, go a bit easier please on criticizing the lack of videos right off the bat. Many smaller companies release an app without videos or manual. It will all come. Peace!
December 06, 2018  | person Slam-Cut
So… Eight hours in… Thoughts?

I never became a big DAW user on any platform and the AUv3 host workflow tends to suit me. But NS1 did help me get more serious about iOS musicking, at the time. And NS2 is likely to become my go-to DAW. Even without audio channels.
Part of it is that it’s relatively simple to use. And it doesn’t use too much storage (I keep unloading the main DAWs from my iPad Pro because of lack of space).
Also, the onboard synths and effects are quite convenient to have. I’ll probably still spend most of my time using third-party plugins, but the first-party stuff is helpful.
December 07, 2018  | favorite_border Enkerli
My OnlY question is whether I am gonna seriously regret updating to iOS 12 or whatever is out now so I can get this.
Please, please can anyone say if it's now safe to update? IM on ios10.3 and quite happy.

My main apps are; BM3 mostly auv3s , luma fx, luma touch, Glitché, and gadget...

Is there any big loss of control of anything or anything I should be expecting? I just always cringe at the thought of change, If shits not broke I hate to be fixing it....
December 07, 2018  | person_outline Ian
@Ian: What device are you using? I wish to christ I stayed on 10.3 for my iPad Air 1. It has been so sluggish from 11 on. If you're on iPad Air 2 you're probably good. iOS 12 is now up to 12.1.1 which is the point in the update cycle where they usually start to get things nailed down.
Thanks Tim, I have an iPad air2, I will buy a new iPad in a few months. Ive been planning to stay on 10.3 and take on the new iOS on a new device... perhaps thats the plan I should stick with....

Ohhhhhh But I just remembered my girlfriends iPad is in family share so I just go buy it on hers and steal her iPad when I need nanostudio till then.... rahahahaaaaa

I would whine about no backwards compatibility except I have too much respect for Mats struggles to get this out.
December 07, 2018  | person_outline Ian
I like how he put the Image generation and option for a photo upload for a project, we are off to a good start there. This could really go pretty far with the notes option, we got a whole lot of inspirational imagery, and all our ideas about the project!!! For me this will make a difference.
December 07, 2018  | person_outline Ian
@Ian: in addition to those features, I also like that you can label the parts. This is helpful to keep organized when you come back to anproject weeks later. I keep parts named with chords to remember the chordnprogression and use parts on blank tracks to organize sections: Strings, Winds, Horns, etc. Very nice little touch.
December 08, 2018  | person Slam-Cut

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