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PolyHarp by Henry Lowengard

Henry Lowengard, developer of Droneo, has released PolyHarp! Henry is an Autoharp aficionado and has spent at least the last 4 years building up an app to meet his needs. This is basically a highly customizable Omnichord, but with the added capability of exploring microtonal tunings. PolyHarp arrives with Audiobus 3 and Inter-App Audio.

PolyHarp iTunes Description:

PolyHarp is a virtual musical instrument and a thought experiment.

It takes the basic idea of a chorded zither and extends it to large numbers of chord choices, made out of any kinds of intervals, multi-string courses, fretting, and massive polyphony. It's a testbed for harmonic theory as well as a great multi touch simulator of the good old "idiot zither" you have in the attic. It can ignore the microtonal aspect of the sounds to make an interesting alternative MIDI controller as well.

PolyHarp supports Audiobus 3, including saving setups, and IAA.

PolyHarp seriously needs a demo video, so I'm embedding this prototype demo from July 2014. You can watch how he constructs the harp's layout, and then hear the results at around the 2 minute mark. Over on Henry Lowengard's YouTube channel you'll find more videos about his collection of Autoharps.

Reader Comments 5

This app is awesome. If you are looking at the design, you will most likely find it ugly. But I recommend to move forward and to try this app. The degree of control and emotion produced is really impressive. We have here a gem that is just waiting to be discovered.
November 29, 2018  | person Cuscolima
Cuscolima is right!
Droneo from the same developer has amazing sonic possibilities too!
November 29, 2018  | person_outline TarapotoPuno
Hi Discchorders!

I updated PolyHarp with a few typo and bug fixes sometime this week!
If you go to PolyHarp.com, you can see a few more videos, showing what PolyHarp is and how to use it. There's a YouTube playlist for these tutorials that I'll be adding to - there is a lot of material to cover!
December 15, 2018  | touch_app jhhl
Hi Discchordants -
I put up a bunch of newer PolyHarp videos on YouTube in that playlist, so turn on, tube in, drop out!

It's still on sale for a week or so, and then I'm making it Tier 8 ($8/£8/€8 whatever).
December 31, 2018  | touch_app jhhl
Yeah this is a sleeper hit! I can't believe how brilliant this app creator is. This thing is mad hatter with user custom everything, even odd graphic layouts and multi harp action with hyper scriaben harmonick insanity. Oh, and strum, tap, pluck, and maybe one or 2 more options that really affect the most crucial part: the actual playing of the harp. You can tell he thought about this a lot. I think MIDI out works but even the internal one was crisp and nice harp sound with damping and stuff. Im elated and from a chapman stick player (me) this is up my ally. Love it, needs love.
December 31, 2018  | person Oceans in space

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