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Jammy Guitar Pre-Order Sale

Jammy Guitar, a futuristic-styled travel guitar, is set to launch next month. For the next 4 days you can pre-order it for $400, down from $600.This is an actual guitar, not just a controller like the Jamstik. You can plug it directly into an amp and start playing. It also includes a USB-C connection if you want to get MIDI out of it.

They've already released an app on the app store, but here it shows its Indiegogo roots by over-promising and under-delivering. The promo shows the app with a lot of great features; like being able to tweak the tone of the guitar from the app, and record your performance in MIDI. Neither of these functions are mentioned on their website, nor the iTunes description for the app, so I don't think they'll make it for release.

YouTuber Taetro got to play with one of these and seems pretty hyped for it. Here is a well produced promo from Jammy Guitar.

Video Description:

Pre-order the Jammy guitar: https://playjammy.com/

Jammy is a digital guitar ideal for travel. Split it in half, put it in a backpack, carry it along wherever you go! Take it out when the inspiration strikes, snap the two parts together, and jam right away! No additional devices needed – plug it into an amp or use your earphones!

Jammy is a rock 'n' roll spirit that's always by your side. Your future legendary guitar.

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I kinda like this design, Carbon fiber would be really beautiful with a transparent coat!
November 22, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Ok after watching the video i take it back, that macho man voice, i could not get past that. Fuck that's horrible, who does that shit apeal to?
November 22, 2018  | person_outline Ian
That video. It has to be the worst thing I've ever seen. I had to stop. It was too awful.

And for $400, or $600, you can get yourself a very nice real guitar.
On November 23, 2018 - @SecretBaseDesign said:
That video. It has to be the worst thing I've ever seen. I had to stop. It was too awful.

And for $400, or $600, you can get yourself a very nice real guitar.

I know right. There is even a moment in the beginning where it looks like the chick cringes as he leans in to kiss her. Also, hey Patrick! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Yeah, video made me almost barf..
and no 16-22/24 frets to go along with the "metal" attitude.

I can see travel portability to be quite appealing though. Dragging a guitar all over the world can be a pain..
November 23, 2018  | person_outline Joe
Serious cringe -- and Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

(Life is getting slightly less complicated. App updates, and probably a new thing dropping early next year.)

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