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SynthMaster One Update

SynthMaster One, from KV331 Audio, can now be slotted as an AUv3 effect. Today's update also opens the app up to MIDI Output over AUv3, allows for per-step volume editing in the Arpeggiator, and more!

What's new in SynthMaster One v1.1.2:

New Features:

1. Added SynthMaster One FX AUv3
2. Added MIDI Output for SynthMaster One AUv3
3. SynthMaster One AUv3 now automatically changes ui skin when plugin window size changes
4. Save button added to AUv3 skins
5. Arpeggiator step volumes can now be edited
6. When user taps the osc/sub waveform display controls, routing view displays the waveform/wavetable with its name
7. Presets list now displays preset number and favourite indicator before the preset's name
8. Users can now assign favourite presets by clicking on the favourite indicator next to the preset's name
9. When saving an existing presets, the file name is now populated with a new sequence number appended
10. Added tempo textbox for standalone app

1. When Hold is pressed, notes should not be released when user switches to a different tab
2. Although host sample rate is set to 48khz/96khz, SynthMaster One AUv3 renders audio at 44.1 khz
3. Piano view drawing takes too much time, which slows down playing with the built-in keyboard
4. Hit area for the preset browser left/right arrows too small
5. When built-in keyboard settings are changed, they're not reflected for the expanded keyboard in standalone app.
6. Routing view should be brought to forward when user changes values for an envelope/filter/waveform
7. When changing dropdown values with swipe gesture, the value increment is reversed
8. When arpeggiator restarts at first step, it should read mode, steps, range, base time, repeat and velocity mode parameters
9. When switching presets, SynthMaster One might crash if sub oscillators have any custom waveforms assigned
10. Insert effect labels don't show the correct bypass state of the effect
11. When user saves a preset with a new author/bank name, the browser is not refreshed
12. 'Set as default preset' menu doesn't work
13. SynthMasterOne AU doesn't read tempo/transport information from host app
14. Textboxes should scroll up when they are hidden under the built-in keyboard
15. AU FX init preset should set osc1 type to audio in L, osc2 type to audio in R
16. Dropdowns should not close when user is playing the builtin keyboard
17. SynthMaster One AUv3 crashes when zoom button for the arpeggiator is pressed
18. SynthMaster One crashes when osc type is set to audio in
19. When osc waveform is changed from the menu, the osc still plays the old waveform
20. 'Set to default' menu doesn't work for knobs/sliders
21. Dropdown menu should close when user clicks any other area on the user interface
22. Dropdown menu should stay open when user selects a new value
23. Listboxes respond incorrectly to swipe gesture
24. SynthMaster One might crash when sample rate changes
25. 'Delete preset' menu doesn't work

Reader Comments 7

I like this synth very much, and after playing with it, quickly bought the Mac versions while they are on a ridiculously inexpensive sale price.

My only minor gripes are: 1. no matter how carefully I followed the instructions, I was unsuccessful at getting the promised extra presets when I registered the app. I contacted support, and he did reply a couple of times, but we never got it to work, and he just stopped responding.

Since it is kind of deep, I wouldn't mind having the additional presets. But that's not a huge tragedy. I was hoping to see a fix in the update, but I didn't see it.

and 2. though it claims to support tuning maps, it seems that it only supports the ones that are built into the app, which are just slightly imperfect equal temperaments from synths. (I.e., you can't load your own scala files).
November 16, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Tempo textbox was always there... It just never worked... And still doesnt...;)
November 16, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Mod wheel/pitch bend still need fixing... Cant be that hard to port it from their other app in which it works....?:p
November 17, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Did you report those to the developer?
November 17, 2018  | favorite_border stub
I think these are the update notes to the previous update amd not the new one.
November 17, 2018  | person_outline Timeframe
@stub - the pitch/mod wheel bug-> yes, a while ago...

I will see whats up next week....

November 17, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
It really seems to me that this synth, as great as it is, was rushed to be released without enough beta testing taking place? Or is the IOS platform so variable in terms of versions that it is hard to test and make sure that most users have a good experience?

If the developers read this, the background audio button toggling resets to the default preset :(
November 20, 2018  | person_outline Joe

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