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QuantiChord by Laurent Colson

Laurent Colson, developer of StepPolyArp and ChordPolyPad, has released QuantiChord! This is an AUv3 MIDI effect that will generate chords based on incoming notes, and quantize them to a given scale.

QuantiChord is Universal on iOS, and even arrives with an official demo video to show it off!

QuantiChord iTunes Description:

"QuantiChord" is a MIDI effect that generates chords from incoming notes and quantizes the results to a pre-defined scale. It can be used as a standalone application or as an Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in.

The chord is generated by adding up to 8 transposed notes to the original note played. Once the chord is generated, it is quantized to limit it to the selected output scale.

The application supports full internal and external MIDI connections for input and output. An internal sound bank is included.

The Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in supports multiple instances. A compatible host is required to run the plug-in. The host must support the Audio Unit MIDI effect format.


• Standalone application and Audio Unit MIDI effect plug-in
• 8 transposing sliders from -24 to +24 semi-tones (+/- 2 octaves)
• 1 global transposer slider
• Scale quantizer
• Lockable parameter protection when switching presets
• Resizable keyboard
• Multitasking
• Sample-accurate timing
• Internal sound bank
• Receiving MIDI from external MIDI sources
• Internal routing of inputs, outputs
• Send MIDI to a virtual port that can be used as MIDI input by other "Core MIDI" compatible applications
• Random creation of presets
• Presets browser
• Full support of "Split View" and "Slide Over"

Compatible hosts supporting Audio Unit MIDI effect:

• Cubasis
• Audiobus
• BeatMaker
• apeMatrix

Supported MIDI connections:

• Virtual "Core MIDI" connections between applications
• iOS compatible MIDI interfaces
• MIDI over Wifi


An iPad or iPhone with iOS 12 or later



Update: The Sound Test Room did a demo for this over the weekend. Embedded here is the official intro.

Reader Comments 11

Oh fuck yeah!!! I’ve been jonsing for something like the VST Tonespace on iOS for chord creation and this looks like a great option!!!
November 16, 2018  | person DrüMünkey
Woulda bought this without a pause, but ios12, planned obselesence .... :(
November 17, 2018  | person_outline Ian
Yea, it seems like leaving out older devices does cut the crowd down quite a bit, especially since it seems to be largely a MIDI app.
November 17, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Good point, Drü! But part of what makes tonespace so cool is that you get diverse chords from the same note input (either through cycling chord types or randomization). QC gives you parallel chords. It can still be quite a bit of fun, especially if you combine it with an arpeggiator (like Laurent’s StepPolyArp). But we could still use a kind of tonespace for iOS.
November 17, 2018  | favorite_border Enkerli
As for the OS requirements, let’s not forget that AU MIDI is only supported by recent iOS versions and Apple’s AUv3 support generally has changed quite a bit, in the past couple of years. It really sounds like it can be a real pain for devs to support multiple versions for things like these.
It’s also possible that the number of people running older versions of iOS is less significant than you might imagine. Laurent likely made his decision based on his data on iOS versions. Always a risk to restrict a product to certain versions, but it’s probably easier with a new app.
November 17, 2018  | favorite_border Enkerli
I prodded a dev in the past about supporting older iOS versions, and was told that Apple makes it difficult to include support for versions prior to the app’s creation date. How much is actually Apple and how much is dev experience/skill/gumption I couldn’t say, just passing this along.
November 18, 2018  | person_outline Blaaaaarghonaut
Requires ios 12 ..... ouch Im on ios 10.3 and happy here.
November 18, 2018  | person_outline Ian
I was getting this as I love this developer other apps but I'm still on ios 11
November 19, 2018  | person_outline pino pinucci
If you need to stay on older hardware, you aren’t going to get the new stuff. Unfortunately that’s generally how this works on iOS. Get used to it.

The customer base is small enough already that I really hope that devs never spend their valuable time supporting backward compatibility for a tiny number of users on old iOS versions.

It’s about smart business, not “experience/skill/gumption”
November 19, 2018  | person Hmtx
Hi Htmx - What is your history on iOS music app development and marketing? Tim would love to give you a developer badge if you have any credible background. That would make your comment seem like it had some worth.
November 19, 2018  | person_outline Just Wondering
hey JW. nah mate, my comment has no special worth. I guess I've been following this stuff since the release of Audiobus... 5 years at least whatever that is worth.

anyway, its general knowledge that iOS music apps have a relatively small user base. And the percentage of iOS devices on older iOS software is a small portion of that since only between 7 - 11 % are on iOS 10 or older according to Apple (see this webpage for iOS developers https://developer.apple.com/support/app-store/).

So yeah its super-cool when a dev decides to go retro and support the old devices. I have some old iPads and iPhones myself.

but at the same time what business person would bother to market to the 10% when they already have a small pool of potential customers?

I just don’t think it’s realistic to expect new apps to be released with support for old iOS devices.
November 20, 2018  | person Hmtx

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