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Mellowsound by Fingerlab

Fingerlab, the developers of DM1 Drum Machine, released Mellowsound! This is a Mellotron app with 14 instruments. The app is free to try, but for just $3 you can fully unlock all of the instruments and effects. Mellowsound arrives with Audibous and Inter-app Audio.

Mellowsound iTunes Description:

Mellowsound is a simple yet powerful emulation of a legendary instrument: the Mellotron, a keyboard sampler from the 60s, used by many famous artists (the Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, …).

Play Flute, Clarinet and Sax, or unlock the « Full Version » IAP to get all the 14 instruments (including Electric guitar, Vibraphone, Sad Strings, Piano, Choirs, …).

As we have the chance to own a Mellotron M400, we wanted to share with you this unique sound, so we sampled all the notes from our beloved Mellotron, one by one, for all the instrument tapes.
With Mellowsound, you will be able to play Mellotron everywhere, with professional audio quality (16bit/44Khz).
It’s now like have a vintage orchestra in your pocket!

In the same spirit, we designed a smooth and photo-realistic user-interface as an homage to our dear Mellotron.

Free version features:
-3 free instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Sax)
-Classical Mellotron settings: Volume, Tone & Pitch
-Mixer (instrument & Metronome, Volume & Pan)
-Midi support
-AudioBus & Inter-App Audio support

IAP Full version features:
-14 instruments (including Sad Strings, Electric guitar, Vibraphone and many more…)
-3 FX: Tremolo, Delay & Reverb
-Live Recording

Soon coming: more instruments, more Fx, ADSR envelope control!

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stay tuned!
Fingerlab Team

Reader Comments 7

Where is the Auv3?
November 08, 2018  | person grammatonfeather
Nice cover of “Strawberry Fields For Now”.
November 08, 2018  | favorite_border Laarz
Bought it. Good for $3 but Mellotronics M3000 kicks it’s ass. Simple though, in a good way. Good way to dip your toe in the the Tron world.
November 08, 2018  | person_outline Matt B
One thing that makes various Tron simulations differ is the quality of the tapes. You can have some notes with weird drop-outs. While I understand that can add to the "realism", it can be a bummer when you know there's a more pristine version of the note out there.

@Matt B, what is different/better about M3000? Is it the UI and programming options? Or the samples themselves? I like both developers (even though I have my gripes about DM-1, it's still a great little app).
November 09, 2018  | favorite_border stub
@stub yeah, that’s all true. I happen to like those little differences in the samples. This one seems to have less of that. Also, the real bummer for me is that it’s missimg that signature strings sound. Not sure what it’s called, perhaps mk4 strings, but i know it when i hear it and it ain’t here.
November 09, 2018  | person_outline Matt B
Also, i like the way you can blend samples in the m3000.
November 09, 2018  | person_outline Matt B
I also think that the m3000 is much more powerful (at least for the time being): they have a wealth of historic and newly recorded sounds available, and (as Matt B already said) you can blend between two sounds seamlessly (similar to the famous sound of “Watcher of the skies” by early Genesis, which was a combination of Strings and Choir).

However, if you own many sounds, the handling can be a pain, as the app only lets you scroll through the sounds one by one. A MIDI controller can help, but a drop-down menu would be the much better option imo.
November 09, 2018  | person_outline Granthafen

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