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RatshackReverb3 by Audio Damage, Inc.

Today Audio Damage, Inc. released RatshackReverb3, a modeled recreation of the classic analog effect unit Radio Shack Realistic Electronic Reverb. This is a unique part of musical history in that it was both commonly used and complete shit. As the iTunes description here notes; it isn't actually "reverb" at all. It simulates reverb by chaining together a series of delays. That's not to say that it isn't useful. I love this style of sloppy-verb.

A lot of attention has gone into this one. Even the inputs are circuit modeled so you can overdrive them! RatshackReverb3 is Universal on iOS and works with both Inter-App Audio and Audio Unit v3 hosts. Presets can be shared between the iOS and the $20 desktop version!

Contest: I have 3 copies to give away! Register and comment here for a chance to win. Get those entries in quick because I will close the contest early Saturday, to give the winners time to play with it this weekend!

Contest closed! Congratulations to YannisX, dysamoria, and MikeV!

RatshackReverb3 iTunes Description:

Ratshack Reverb is a detailed model of that classic of classics, the Realistic Electronic Reverb. Now, you can have the sound of everyone's first analog delay unit, without ever having to change batteries!

As anyone who has owned this unit (which is just about everyone...) knows, it was actually an analog delay, not a reverb at all, and we've done our best to exactly replicate the sound and quirks of the original. We've even modeled the distortion that occurs by running a line signal in to the mic inputs.


» Accurate analog "bucket-brigade" style delay model. Change the delay time, and the signal pitches accordingly.

» Both mic and line inputs modeled, for overdriving the delay section if desired.

» XML-based cross-platform preset manager, with copy and paste. (You can even move presets between the iOS version and the desktop version with Handoff.)

» Entirely vector-based resizable high-resolution user interface

» Both IAA and AUv3 versions included.

Dj Puzzle from iPadLoops brings us a demo of the new app!

Contest Entries 31

My two favorite things, shacks and rats, together at last. Sign me up, please!
October 19, 2018  | person Adam
Free audio damage would be great...
October 19, 2018  | person Re5etuk
I have all of their apps but this one so yes, please include me in the contest
October 19, 2018  | person_outline Cuscolima
Looks fun!
October 19, 2018  | person chellman
On October 19, 2018 - @Cuscolima said:
I have all of their apps but this one so yes, please include me in the contest

You need to register for your comment to count as a contest entry. The site is only paying attention to comments from register users. This is to prevent duplicate submissions, while still allowing...

Fuck it, I'm tired of typing this for every single contest. I'm going to fix this right now so unregistered users cannot comment at all on contest posts.
Count me in because I am going to win
October 19, 2018  | person Fred
Thanks for the contest Tim.
Thanks for this, Tim! Hope you’re well.
October 19, 2018  | person waynerowand
Ok, second attempt, this time as a registered (and long time reader) user
October 19, 2018  | person Cuscolima
October 19, 2018  | person rafparedis
On October 19, 2018 - @Cuscolima said:
Ok, second attempt, this time as a registered (and long time reader) user
Thanks for registering. I hope I didn't sound like I was yelling at you. I'm just exasperated with it. I feel bad when I see people comment on contests, oblivious to the fact that they weren't logged in so it doesn't count. So I've fixed it. Now people can only comment in contests if they're registered.

Developers (and me) can still comment without their comments counting. The same goes for registered users who opt-out of participating, or have already participated. So now that you're registered you can even reply to this comment and it won't count as a second entry!
Thanks for keeping the contest short. I want to have it anyway but of courseI’ll try to win it first.
October 19, 2018  | favorite_border Erik
No prob Tim, every spaceship need a pilot
October 19, 2018  | person Cuscolima
Shit reverb? Hell yeah!
October 19, 2018  | person Joe Maron
The soul I took from you was not even missed.
October 19, 2018  | favorite_border Laarz
Commenting for chance to win.
October 19, 2018  | person DE
Pick me!
October 19, 2018  | person Bob
Audio damage , yes pls. Choose me! thanks Tim
October 19, 2018  | person vasre
Would be a fun tool to add to the mix! Thanks again for the opportunity, Tim!
October 19, 2018  | person MrFromage
Who the fuck needs convolution reverb?
October 19, 2018  | person Plø
Another app from Audio Damage..? Yes please! Good luck everyone 👍🏻
October 19, 2018  | person Bajakuk
Come to Daddy :) Cheers!
October 19, 2018  | person DiegoC
Well I could fork out for this! But let’s see what the Gods say 8-)
Looks like fun!
October 20, 2018  | favorite_border aufde
I actually owned one back in the days when i was pretty broke and couldn’t afford decent effects. I used it more for the overdrive than the reverb, which indeed sounded pretty shit lol. Very nostalgic. If i don’t win a code i might actually consider buying it again for old times sake. It will definitely bring back memories!
October 20, 2018  | person Ed B
Sounded like shit. I’m in.
October 20, 2018  | person Condy
Commenting :)
October 20, 2018  | person skiphunt
Looks and sounds interesting!
October 20, 2018  | stars MikeV
My first musical experiences are stamped by this "reverb"! Good to have one! :)
October 20, 2018  | stars YannisX
I have one of the actual hardware devices. It was given to me by someone cleaning out his home studio. I’ve never tried to make use of it. I find it weird that anyone considers anything about them to be special or sought-after. That there’s a software emulation is even more bizarre. Anyone want to trade me something for mine? I could really use a 15kHz synching LCD display for my Amiga 1200, or a compact flash reader for my Apple IIgs or Atari ST.
October 20, 2018  | stars dysamoria

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