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KQ MiniSynth 2.0 Update

KQ MiniSynth, from Ryouta Kira, got a bunch of new stereo modules in today's update. The existing Reverb Filter module was also updated to use Stereo.

What's new in KQ MiniSynth v2.0:

Stereo modules are added.

Added modules:
Mono To Dualmono, Stereo To Mono, Panner, Chorus Effector, Flanger, Modulated Delay, Reverb Filter (FreeVerb), Polyphonic Or Gate

Modified modules:
Reverb Filter (KQ) (Became Stereo)

Noise which occurred when connecting/disconnecting cables is reduced.
A description is shown when you tap module's title.
Updated Sequencer Examples.
Other small fixes.

Reader Comments 8

His FM synth features Auv3. Will this get an Au update?
On October 19, 2018 - @grammatonfeather said:
His FM synth features Auv3. Will this get an Au update?
It already has AUv3. The video even shows that.
October 19, 2018  | person_outline Sunfish
On October 19, 2018 - @Sunfish said:
It already has AUv3. The video even shows that.
Lol. I am dumb. This is what happens when you just read text and forget to watch the video.

I will buy the app today.
Purchased and added a virtual rack module & wired it within minutes. Thus I conclude it's quite intuitive. Haven't been through all the presets yet but there are some nice sounds and it's a great playground for new patch creation.
Its a bit overwhelming but amazing for a modular synth with AU! It seems like its pretty straight forward and the multi patch point option is amazing. Hails modular!
one of my favourites on AU :)
October 21, 2018  | person_outline jc
I like this app a lot. I got it when it first came out. I think the interface is very intuitive, much more so than other modular apps. You do have to know a bit about patching modules, but is a great way to practice what you have learned from other sources. The sound is very nice, perhaps not equal to some premium synths, and it has a few quirks, like the filter CV is inverted from what I’d expect, but I think it is a lot of fun, doesn’t use a lot of cpu, and of course is very flexible.
October 23, 2018  | favorite_border Laarz

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