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VStomp Amp by Hotone

Manufacturer Hotone released VStomp Amp, an iOS port of their circuit modeling guitar amp simulator. This is based on the same tech inside of their XTOMP multi-effect pedal. VStomp Amp arrives with a variety of modeled amps and cabinets, at $2 each, but you can load even more using Impulse Response (IR) files. VStomp arrives with Audiobus and Inter-app Audio.

VStomp Amp iTunes Description:


The heart pounding VStomp Amp is now ready to go! Following the development of Hotone’s powerful and versatile XTOMP pedal and based on our proprietary CDCM system, VStomp Amp Mobile delivers organic, studio-grade sound quality and the exact character of legendary amplifiers – just the same as desktop version.


Unlike mainstream modeling methods based on the characteristics of a certain “state” of the circuitry, which just “comes close” to the modeled sound, VStomp Amp Mobile employs a complex system based on dynamic feature modeling. In this matrix, every single circuit component is ALIVE and performs like its original. The realness of the amp and effects tones has amazed XTOMP users worldwide, and now you can experience it on the go!

Behind VStomp Amp Mobile is Hotone’s CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling) system. CDCM is built on an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry. This matrix will adjust its own modeling parameters and even framework based on the instrument input signal range, signal frequency, knob position, the instrument’s own impedance, and other variable parameters, all to achieve the closest possible characteristics of actual modeled circuitry.


No complex signal chain. No confusing customization or combinations.
You pick an amp model, pick a cab model, add some ambience – it’s that simple!
The less you tweak, the more you enjoy: just pick out your rig and ROCK!


λ Grown out of next-gen XTOMP technology
λ Simple-but-real guitar/bass amp simulator with easy-to-use UI
λ Advanced CDCM modeling system ensures realistic playing experience
λ Growing amp/cab library
λ 23+ CDCM powered legendary vintage and modern amplifier models
λ 20+ CDCM powered classic cabinet models
λ Built-in delay and reverb effects with simple operation and huge ambience
λ Built-in IR loader for applying your favorite cabs
λ Built-in smart noise gate

For more information:


There's no demo for the iOS version, but here is an official video for the desktop from Hotone Audio.

Reader Comments 3

Do you say "Ho-Tone" or do you say "Hot-one"? I'm sure this has been debated at HQ and probably nowhere else.

I've heard that description before. "We model every aspect of a guitar amp's circuitry."

I will make no assumptions. I got a couple relatively inexpensive Zoom multi-effect units and have been impressed by the versatility, sound quality, and dynamics. Boss, Digitech, and Line 6 all lost dynamics and had various deal-breakers for me. My point is that it is not impossible for a "budget" company to make good effects (though it is rare).

The biggest caution has nothing to do with the app itself, but rather with the infrastructure that will introduce latency into the process. Though I have a couple multi-effect things for iPad, I haven't gigged with any of them; partly because I don't want to rely on my iPad for anything on a live gig, and partly because I don't want to deal with anything that will introduce latency. I know I could adapt and have good time, but I just don't want to have to, on principle.
October 09, 2018  | favorite_border stub
Yeah, I stumble on the name every single time I encounter it.

I just checked their YouTube channel. It is more like, "Ha-Tone."

The IR loader is a nice addition. It's infuriating that one was left out of BIAS Amp 2 so that they could sell you Celestion IR's as an IAP that you can't use anywhere else. Aside from that, I'm not sure how excited I am for yet another amp sim, though once we get one that runs as an AUv3, I'll probably change my tune.
October 10, 2018  | person BruteFours

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