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Gestrument Pro

Gestrument Pro was released today by Jesper Nordin and AUM developer Jonatan Liljedahl! Gestrument is a gesture-based instrument that lets you perform by tracing your fingers around the screen. This upgraded version of the classic Gestrument app is a complete rewrite with a host of new features. The two biggest new features are recordable automations and modular generators that you can customize.

I was hired to do the official tutorial video, so I've been playing with it a lot this month. I found it to be extremely interesting to explore new rhythms that are made possible with the discrete duration selections. You can control multiple instruments from a single Cursor, but have varying note lengths for each instrument. So moving your finger from the left to right might speed up one instrument, while another instrument maintains a constant rhythm. I demonstrate an example of this in my tutorial below.

Update: Owners of the original Gestrument can pick up the Pro version at a discount with this bundle.

Gestrument Pro iTunes Description:

Play, improvise and compose in real-time within a framework of interactive generative musical systems.

Award-winning composer Jesper Nordin and leading iOS developer Jonatan Liljedahl (Kymatica) has completely re-invented their unique app from 2012 and taken the concept to the next level.

Gestrument Pro takes everything we loved about Gestrument and improves on its original functionality while introducing a host of new features such as multi-touch, recordable automations, advanced scale editing and our unique system of highly tweakable modular generators that define the pitches and rhythms.

With Gestrument Pro you can Play, Improvise and Compose music with deeper levels of personal expression than ever before.


• Up to 16 individual Instruments.
• Each Instrument can be controlled by any of up to 8 Cursors.
• Instruments can use internal high quality sounds or play other synthesizers or apps via MIDI.
• Modular swappable Generators for producing the rhythms and pitches per Instrument, each with their own set of tweakable parameters and settings.
• 8 performance sliders that each can control one or more parameters in the Instruments and their Generators.
• A highly flexible modulation system allows assigning Sliders and Cursor position/pressure to any parameter in the Instruments.
• Advanced microtonal Scale editor with several standard scales included.
• 8 Scale Slots for fast switching between scales and tonalities during performance.
• Sliders, Cursors and Scale Slots can be recorded into automated loops, or controlled via MIDI.
• Supports Inter-App Audio and Audiobus, including host sync for following the hosts transport and tempo.

There is a short official promo video that I encourage you to check out if you've never seen Gestrument before. Doug Woods also did a preview of the presets.

Controlling the media is pretty fun, so I will exploit that by embedding my own video here.

Reader Comments 19

Only reason I didn’t buy the preorder was because the developer said he was going to bundle Gestrument and Gestrument Pro together for a discount. I hope he does that soon
September 25, 2018  | person_outline Gk
I will ask Jesper to notify me when that happens, and I'll let you know!

Edit: He says it is in the works, but awaiting Apple's approval. They were unable to submit the bundle for approval until the app itself was available for sale, so now we just need to wait on Apple.
Also waiting....
September 25, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Missed the pre-order unintentionally, so waiting here for the bundle too :)
Gestrument is one of the apps those using the iPad surface best
September 25, 2018  | favorite_border eVr
Liking your ‘Never Let Her Slip Away’ beat atthe beginning of this video. Had original app, but bought this at intro price.
September 26, 2018  | person Zen
Bought on preorder and played with it a bit when it showed up.
Haven’t done much with the original Gestrument. Went through the tutorial during a train ride. By the end, got my partner to try it. Her expression was priceless as she exclaimed: “I can play music!”.

It does sound like Gestrument Pro is a very significant improvement over the original Gestrument. Enough so that the tutorial will be quite useful.

Sounds like the support for diverse tuning systems is more seamless, which is interesting. Wish more apps went beyond 12TET (12-Tone Equal Temperament).
September 26, 2018  | favorite_border Enkerli
Thanks for the video!! If you could do one manipulating Volcas or other external gear, that would be ace. I'm happy to hear that they hired you, too. :) You deserve payment for good content!
Very cogent and helpful tutorial, as usual, Tim. Thanks!
I’m finding Gestrument Pro completes AUM, and AUM completes it. This is one of those apps like AUM that is pure iPad, and the combination of the two is another huge step in the direction of device-as-DAW. Quite amazing and powerful for both writing and live play
Thanks guys!
For those of you asking for the bundle pack, its already in the appstore!!
September 26, 2018  | person_outline Synthsaurio
This AppStore bundle thing rarely works. For example, I own Gestrument (and I am pretty sure I paid they full amount for it). However, to get Gestrument Pro costs 18,99 (Euros) and to buy the bundle will cost me 20,99 Euros. Err....what? And yes, I am logged in with the same account and the original Gestrument is installed on the iPad I am making the purchase from. No discount for me, then....
September 26, 2018  | person nreyes
Thanks for letting us know, Synthsaurio!

Here is the Bundle Link for anyone that needs it: https://itunes.apple.com/app-bundle/id1437219539?mt=8

But as nreyes points out... it can be wonky. If you bought the original Gestrument on a sale it can screw up the algorithm. Apparently if you didn't buy it on a sale it can still screw it up! Maybe nreyes looked at a sale price for too long and Apple counted that against him!
lol.. nice bundle...

$19 -> instead of $17 (if I were to get "pro" as a single purchase)

I already own gestrument...

...the bundle price is $2 more than if I were to buy the non-bundle version...

I will sit this one out....
September 26, 2018  | person_outline Spaced Invader
1450₽ with bundle against 1290₽ without it for me...
September 26, 2018  | favorite_border eVr
Just so it's not ALL tales of woe, the US app store let me "complete the bundle" for $13. So ... $4 saved. Not amazing, but price movement in the expected direction, at least.
September 26, 2018  | person Adam
The appstore also says :

Purchased seperatly = $24

Gestrument-> $19
Pro-> $19
= $38

Someone can't "maths"

Anyway, 24-19 = 5 ... $5 would be a nice upgrade price... Or $7 would be fine too...

But whatever... This is all too weird...
Tbh, i havent ever used gestrument for my music making process, but every once in a while i pick it up and think - cute:) nice app.... The dev is also nice so it was more of a "i support you" kinda thing ..
I also have scale gen... Which is also super nice but also just gets used once in a blue moon... That should have been included in the bundle too... But whatever...
I will look at this whole shebang again at a later date...

Thx n all the best anyway, dear devs - you are wonderful)
September 27, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Ugh, this glitch is contageous...

Looks like i cant "maths" either..lol

Gest pro= 17
Gest= 7
Purchased seperatly = 24
Bundle= 19 (with gest already bought)
Pro without bundle with gest already bought =17

ima let this simmer for a while... Its too twilight zone at this time...

September 27, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader
Hi everyone - yes the bundle situation is a mess! We try our best and wanted people to have a decent price reduction when owning the original Gestrument. It should have been a reduced price of between 3-7$ depending on what you payed for the original. It should definitely not be more expensive than Pro by itself. Sorry to say, we have no control what so ever over the AppStore... /Jesper Nordin from Gestrument
September 27, 2018  | touch_app Jesper Nordin
Hey Jesper:)

Thanks for chiming in:)

-> maybe apple should implement a third price structure called "upgrade pricing" that could be used for major upgrades that would require a new app... I remember auria sort of doing this internally within the app itself...(with drawbacks obviously because the app would still be called "A" but the files working in it were "B")
Yes, Apple needs to improve in this regard...

September 27, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader

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