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Bamboo Flute & SpaceCraft Jam at the Park

YouTuber Daniel Eastman is the latest person to impress the hell out of me with their performance in SpaceCraft. He's taken a Bamboo Flute out into the forest where he sits and jams for a bit into SpaceCraft. He then tweaks the samples in SpaceCraft for more fun! This reminds me of a performance I posted last week by Maria Calfa-DePaul, using a Native American Flute in SpaceCraft.

Video Description:

I went on a short hour long hike before sitting down to make some music with my iPad and a bamboo flute (from eriktheflutemaker.com) I’ve had for a while and havn’t been playing lately. It was getting dark fast and the video ended up a bit grainy looking from the low light and considering it was just my phone taking the video.

Flute playing stops and SpaceCraft tinkering starts around 5:10

I haven’t played the flute in a while, so it’s a bit rough at times. There are a few notes I boldly tried anyway. I added delay and reverb to smooth out the fact that I am not a flute player :P

The flute was played into the iOS app SpaceCraft for a few drone notes. I also tapped on my travel coffee mug to get some percussive sounds and put that in the Spacecraft app as well for percussion.

Thanks for watching!

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