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Gestrument Pro Teaser #2 – Grooveboxing

The next version of Gestrument, Gestrument Pro, got a new teaser to show it off. This one has been in development for a very long time. The original Gestrument was a lot of fun to find new grooves with what they called, " the DNA of music." Gestrument Pro builds on that and will be released September 25th!

Video Description:

Another teaser?! Yes, another teaser!

This time, we've only used the built in effects and instruments in Gestrument Pro to build this warehouse-friendly Techno preset.

This preset is heavily inspired by groovebox-style techno with pattern sequencers running the drums and along with a few other sounds. The bassline is influenced by eurorack sequencing and utilises random sources to generate both rhythm as well as melody quantized to a pre-defined scale.

To the right of the screen you can see our new performance sliders. These can be mapped to almost any parameter available in the app for instant access during live performances or even automated using the loop function. In this Preset we use the sliders for mixing, effects and rhythm/melody generation.

About Gestrument Pro:

The newest iteration of our intuitive gesture instrument, Gestrument Pro, gives you even deeper and more intuitive control over the rules and properties that make up the DNA of Music.

Gestrument Pro takes everything we loved about the original Gestrument and improves on its original functionality while introducing a bunch of new and exciting features. With Gestrument Pro you can Play, Improvise and Compose music with deeper levels of personal expression than ever before.

New features:
Recordable automations
Advanced scale editing
Highly tweakable system of modular generators that define pitches and rhythms
…and many more!

Gestrument Pro will be released September 25th on iOS (and yes, this preset will be included).

For more information, please visit us at www.gestrument.com

A very special thanks to our Beta Testers who’ve been helping us out over the last few weeks. You're the best!

Reader Comments 2

We got a date!
September 01, 2018  | favorite_border Enkerli
Not to sound rude or so, but,
Only if you respect the past and offer a upgrade/bundle thingy...;)

(Heck what am i saying... Even though its "been in development for a very long time" -> meaning it should work with ios9 -> I am sure (guessing) that it will only run on ios11 and up) -> so much for that "very long time" in the making comment... Mhm.. Gotto love time travel...)

Pls ignore this post... Gawsh i can be so dang critical of things i dont know yet sometimes...
But yeah, we will see:)
September 02, 2018  | person_outline Spaced invader

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